Monday, February 23, 2015

Blood: Is that good bad or just bad bad?

So I started watching Blood last week, and couldn't contain my laughter all the way through episode 1.  There were so many moments of utter hilarious delight, although I don't think they intended for that to be the reaction.  But there it is.

I know they are trying to be funny at times, but those aren't really the times that are funny.  But there is a lot of compelling points to the premise and plot... and then there is the bad special effects and overkill efforts to look cool and bad-a... well... do they equal out?  Is this an entertaining "good" bad show, or is it just bad bad, the kind you only watch when you're in "that mood?"

Vampire doctors are so much worse of an idea than vampire prosecutors, but they managed to have a reasonable explanation.  I like that vampirism is like a virus and not some evil mythological curse.  That's interesting.  There are still a lot of bugs in that, but at least it's new.  I just wish it was consistent.  Especially with the whole sunlight thing.

But where it gets really good... or rather really bad is the action.  They're trying to be so cool.  Trying way to hard to be cool.

It's a good thing they got a hot model to be our leading man, so that our vampire can walk sexily after getting blown up and things.  He also knows how to dance super well.  Shimmy shimmy king!

I could not stop laughing really loudly and inappropriately at that.  But that's pretty typical for me.  I also almost got into a fight with an avid fan for laughing inappropriately loud during that wedding dream scene of Breaking Dawn Part 1.  This drama solicits the same response from me at times.  So bad it's funny?

But then we also have emotion that is compelling:

But then we have action scenes complete with slowdowns and panoramic spins to make it that much "cooler."  Hahaha.

"Hey guys, what's going on over here?  Vampire archaeology?  Vampire grave robbing?  Sounds like fun!"

It seriously is special effectly on par with Buffy the Vampire Slayer... which is an awesome show, but very 90s.  We'll have see if it's on par plot wise though... not sold on that yet.
We have a potential first love situation with this pink hatted girl.  Is she going to grow up to be Fish Face?

Doesn't look good so far, already she is being tricked by a possessed pet rabbit.

Fighting obviously CGI wolves with obvious wire action to save the pink hatted girl.  Winner every time.

Teen Wolf!

What's with the knee pad?

Those little glowy light heal him while also making the grass grow? M'kay.

My favorite is the Hoodie Brigade:

It's Sexy Bad-A Vampire from Vampire Prosecutor 2 and the Secretary from Lee Soon Shin!  Yes!  Better yet, they don't know how to properly use doors!

I think they must have used up their special effects budget on all the glass breaking moments.  Hence the CGI.

"I'm so cool, watch me crush this wineglass full of blood with my manly bad-a bare hand."

Well, at least his vest is super sexy...

The Hoodies are also good at stalking through the woods and pretending to be drunk while they stalk young vampire lads.

So the bad guy is very sexy.  His hair is amazing and his clothes are so nice.  But he has a weird glass fetish.  Also his blood habits border along the druggie or something on the sexual line, which is a little sketch for a K-Drama.

But he has a really bad sense of humor.  Just stop telling jokes during operations.  ALL OF YOU!

Ugh!  I think the reason I was wary of watching this show (besides the ridiculous premise) was Fish Face (aka Ku Hye Sun).  I generally hate her.  She looks like a fish and is not amazing at acting.  But she's already impressed me.  Maybe she was born to play a haughty bitca.

She annoys the crap out of me, but not because they actress is bad.  She's a freakin' idiot, and doesn't Fish Face do such a good job making it seem to natural?  Slow clap for the prideful bitca queen!

Already they've done every stereotypical situation to make them hate each other, since that will make so much tension later... yep... that's what does it... irrational hate for each other... every time...  Fighting about broken sunglasses and a stolen surgery?  Was that all you could come up with?  Well, at least the snide comments are not too shabby.

Ugh, I hate hospital pride petty fight politics.  But the other doctors seem promising, well at least these two:

Even though she's besties with Fish Face, I think I'm going to like Dragon's Investigator in this one too.

Yes, Investigator Yoo, that is the whole point of this show, isn't it?

His younger self is an impressive actor too.

I liked his parents too, even if his dad is Ugly Man whom I hate.  Being a vampire is not doing him any favors.  Ugh!

I love his mom though.  She's so bad-a.

And so far has controlled all of the emotional scenes of this show.

Such as this scene.  So sad.

So the premise?  Virus infected vampire boy (probably the only one born a vampire) tries to become human while Sexy Hair and Vest wants to use him to make a superior race (probably).

Rawr.  His hair is so sexy!  And he puts the dumb Dr. Pridemachine in his place.  Woohoo.

So is it good bad or bad bad?  It does look like it has the potential to be good bad.  I certainly am still interested in watching it, but I hope it does keep making me laugh with less eye rolls.  Eye rolls are really what makes a show bad bad.  If it's so bad it makes you laugh, then it's good bad.  We'll have to see where it goes from here.

But wait... what's the point of the perverted robot?

As cute as his friend is, this robot is bound to produce many eye rolls.  What's the point of it?  Oh well.

Ahn Jae Hyun's neck = rawr, btw.


  1. I am firmly in Good Bad camp. I love this drama like a mama loves her ugly baby. We are doing Fake Caps over at PotUP - I think I see you there sometimes? Anyway...Kashi makes stuff up based on watching raw and I tell her how close she gets and point out the fun stuff, and Shuk rages about the medical terribleness. We're having fun! I loved your take on it, too - very funny! Let's band together and support our ugly baby!

    1. That sounds like the perfect way to watch it! I'll have to follow that to help get me through it. I love watching it for it's good badness, but I am also less motivated because of the badness. Fake Caps of it sound perfect.

  2. I watched the first 2 episodes hoping it would be Good Bad. Sadly, watching by myself just didn't cut it, but I bet it would have been more fun laughing at it with other people. I almost threw my phone when they sat there slowly bickering while the patient was about to die on the operating table. TALK LATER! OPERATE NOW!

    Aw, you don't like the dad? I feel like he's always the nice guy with bad luck, like in Two Weeks.

    1. I think he's super ugly. I hated him in My Princess, and he was the worst ever in Save the Last Dance for Me (but that show was also the worst ever too, the things I do for Ji Sung, tsk tsk) and he was also crazy bad in The Successful Story of a Bright Girl (which I thankfully didn't watch all of, even if it had the Jang couple in it).

      I wish that I was watching Blood with peeps too, because it would probably be funnier. Bu morbid curiosity and my curse of having to finish things I've started is making me stick to it. But it is getting worse by the second. Every time I watch it I am filled with groans and wisecracks about how Fish Face can't act- seriously her best friend is dancing circles around her in the acting department, how the doctors are all ridiculously incompetent and the nurses are even worse, and also how ugly everyone looks with the vampire makeup. Especially Dr. Bad Sexy Hair. He looks nasty as a vampire. Every episode is a surprise though because their plot progression makes absolutely no sense and I am left with bewilderment because I can't fathom why they chose to do what they did, because it is completely illogical. So it's weirdly refreshing somehow? We should totally have watched it together though, that would have been so much more fun.

    2. Hahaha that sounds amazingly terrible. But sometimes watching a crazy train wreck is worth it just so you can say "Yes, I watched it. Yes, it was actually that bad."