Friday, October 24, 2014

Taiwanese Dramas with some of the Best OSTs

Not to leave out the Taiwanese dramas from the previous list (Korean Dramas with some of the Best OSTs), but there were too many and that list was too long anyways, so I made a list of just Taiwanese dramas with some of the best OSTs.  Now obviously this list is shorter because I haven't watched nearly as many Tdramas as Kdramas, but they still have some spectacular OSTs.  Also some just not memorable ones.  So here are the best, get stuck in your head, drama OSTs of Taiwan.

I feel like the OSTs for Taiwanese dramas are like the dramas themselves.  Either as addictive as crack or just ok.  From what I've seen, Tdramas are hit or miss, but I still love them.  But when they are good, boy are they good.  Sometimes, even if they are not so good, they are still addictive, right down to the OST, which will get stuck in your head for life.  I feel like I can sing along with all those little commercial break songs for all of them... which is not always a good thing (the OST for Love Family is just as boring as the show itself), but whatever.  The first mandopop I actually bought was from a drama soundtrack, so I'm not going to complain about any of it too much.

Also, a fun thing about Mandopop OSTs is that they will more often than not have a MV for their songs that has nothing to do with the drama, and that's fun, because it makes the songs stand alone as well.  Cool.

Once again, this list is in reverse chronological order.

10. Go, Single Lady

I had been looking forward to this drama since I was first announced in 2013, and then had to wait painfully for it to actually air, and then for it to be put on a legitimate site that had good picture quality, because I wanted to actually be able to see Mike He's sexy face, dang it!  Also, one place we tried to watch it on muted out all the songs, so that is not cool.

From the moment we finally could clearly watch this show, and listen to the OST, I loved it.  These songs are pretty and catchy and everything in between.  I especially loved Forever Love by Hebe Tien.

So pretty.  I also really like singing along to Shin's Love Flavor.  Shin is the second male lead of this show, and from what I can tell so far, I will like him... but only if he stays liking the other girl and just besties with the main girl.  I like him as her brother.  I think there is another dude to be the other man in the love triangle though...

I also really liked Melted by Popu Lady.  I generally like Popu Lady... This song was actually used in Fall in Love With Me too, but it wouldn't have made it into the top 3 for that one, so it's a good thing it can make it into this one.

I loved I'm Your by Anthony Neely too, and it has an interesting MV as well. 

9. Love Myself or You

I like how all the music for this show fit the mood for the show.  It certainly made everything seem more natural and perfect.  This was pretty much a happy fluffy show (even if there was kidnappings and comas) and that's why we loved it.  Plus there was food, the dimpled smiles of Ah Jie, and Hao Wei.  So the music for this one just made it all the more perfect.

Nobody and a Princess, Ian Chen

I always got this one stuck in my head.  It was so chipper, just like the show.  Also, love that Ian Chen has a cameo in the show as the food journalist at the end.  It's always fun when they get the singers to cameo, especially when they are that good looking.  This song is just so fun.

My DNA Made Me Love You, Ian Chen

Again, this man... he's hot and has a good voice.  Woohoo!

I'll Always Be Here,Victor Wong

And then I love Victor Wong too.  He's pretty much OST gold.

I wanted to add every other Ian Chen song... but I should just tell you to look up Sleepless Happiness because it's good too.  Also Set You Free and Silently by Victor Wong.

8. Fall in Love With Me

The OST was pretty much the only good thing about this show by the end of it. Well, it was basically completely done by Aaron Yan, and I love him, so... yep.  It was the best part of the show.  Maybe the show was basically just to promote his new albums.  That would make sense.  Here are my favorites:

The Unwanted Love, Aaron Yan

I remembering waiting patiently for this one to finally be released because I loved it so much.  It was a longer wait too, because it wasn't released as an OST single but as part of his mini album (at least on iTunes) so... longer but way more worth it.

That's Not Me, Aaron Yan

I really love the MV for this one, although Lizabreff thinks it's too creepy and ruins the song, but I think it enhances the song.  Anyways, good stuff.

Taipei Dreamin', Aaron Yan

This technically isn't original for the drama, since it was released last year as a single, but my favorite parts of the show were the parts when this was used as the soundtrack, because this is one of my favorite songs.  It was distracting, I don't think I remember what was going on in those scenes because I was singing along to this song.

7. Prince William

Man, I loved this show, and I loved the soundtrack.  Especially The Shadow Man by Antonio Huang.

It was the ending song and halfway through the drama it started making me cry every time.  It's just so pretty and pertinent.  Also, Antonio is not bad looking.  Rawr.

Prince's DNA, Antonio Huang

This was kind of catchy.  Especially that pootong pootong pootang part... or whatever he's saying right there...

6. Just You

This was the Taiwanese drama that started it all.  This blog, my recognition of necks, but mostly my appreciation for Taiwanese dramas and Mandopop.  It was mostly because of Aaron Yan and Alien Huang, who did the OST for this show that got me into Mandopop.  Sadly, Unstoppable Sun by Aaron Yan wasn't available here for the longest time, and it was only when Aaron Yan released his Drama album that I was able to purchase it.

There has been an actual MV released at a press conference or fan meeting that actually features Puff and Aaron, but it's still not up on YouTube as far as I can tell, so the audio will have to do.  Or you can watch this one, and have the lyrics to see how beautiful the lyrics are.  That's why I feel in love with this song.  When I read the lyrics as it was translated, during the kiss scene.

One in One Thousand, Alien Huang

I love Alien Huang.  I think I might have written a whole post about that.... I can't help it.  He's cute, has a killer smile, and one of the sexiest necks.  Also, his voice is beautiful.

Beloved, Alien Huang and Genie Zhuo

This is one of those ones that I don't love at first, but then gets stuck in my head.  I mostly included it because the MV is cute... and Alien Huang is cute... and then the song grows on you... especially when the cheesy Just You opening credits are not distracting you from actually listening to the song.

There are many more that I liked, since most of the OST is Alien Huang, but I shouldn't list them all... should I?  Such as this one, 大確幸.

5. Love Around

Literally the first OST I purchased, since I basically watched this one at the same time as Just You (when I figured out that Taiwanese dramas are only once a week and that was too much waiting).  Basically the whole OST for this one was done by Bii, so all I had to do was buy his latest album and I was good.

I love, love, loved I Will Be By Your Side by Bii and Miu Chu.  It was the one that forced me to buy the album, because I loved it so much.

Then this one... I just loved Nothing To Do With Happiness by Bii.  I found this MV, and that's when I figured out that the unrealistically good looking cameo part they randomly threw in was the OST singer, and the rest was me buying his album.

Then there is always Come Back to Me also by Bii.  My non-kpop-loving roommate hates that one, because it's so repetitive maybe?  I guess I could have played it one too many times, but I like it.

The MV is a little silly.  I'd rather look at George Hu and Annie Chen than Bii trying to act all gangsta, but whatever.

4. Absolute Boyfriend

I haven't even seen this drama, but I know I love its OST because I listen to that all the time.  I love Fahrenheit and Jiro Wang and that's how I found it.  I was tempted to watch the drama, but Ku Hye Sun = no (I call her fish face).  Ku Hye Sun dubbed into Chinese = very very no.  Ew no.  "But Jiro Wang with no shirt!" I tell myself.  "Ku Hye Sun dubbed = no," I remind myself.  So I must be content with at least just the OST, because that = very yes!

Mr. Perfect, Fahrenheit

And then this song, Pretend We Never Loved, Jiro Wang.  I seriously can't even describe how much I love this song and this man.  He is too sexy for words.  And then he has to kill us more by not wearing shirts and stuff.  Dude...

Rawr.  Double Rawr.  R A W R.  His voice is so sexy and low.  R.a.w.r.  Once again I am tempted to watch this show, but after the horrible attempt at Hayate the Combat Butler (George Hu = very yes, Park Shin Hye = no and dubbed into Chinese = very no) I don't want to attempt this one, since I like Ku Hye Sun even less than Park Shin Hye.

3. Autumn's Concerto

Omo, this show is so good.  Well, it's got its fair share of not good, but somehow it made up for that... even though I wanted more payoff at the end, but oh well.  I've just got to say though that Vanness Wu is a very sexy man, and a very good actor.  Also Della Ding is amazing.  Any OST featuring Della Ding is magic.

We knew from the very start of the opening credits that this song was going to be one of our favorites, and we were not wrong: I Love Him, Della Ding

All For Love, Victor Wong

I love this song!  It was like Guang Xi's theme, and I loved every time that the guitar started.  Yes!

I Thought, Victor Wong

This list could go on for forever because all the songs from this show are amazing.  Seriously amazing.

2. My Queen

I almost skipped adding this one, because I couldn't remember the OST, which meant that it obviously couldn't have been that good, right?  Wrong.  I just have a bad memory.  Well, I finally remembered Lizabreff making me track this song down so she could buy it.  She loved it way more than me, but I love it too.  It's a good song.

Love Needs No Excuse, Fish Leong

This drama was good, and so were the songs, even if I couldn't remember them at first.  Plus Ethan Ruan is way too cute in this one.  Swoon.

1. Fated to Love You

This show and these songs! I just loved them.  Like the show, they were like crack.  Addicting, even when they were silly at first.

My Happiness, by Walkie Talkie, is gold, however.  So cool, and I guarantee that it will be stuck in your head, especially if you watch this show.

 99 Times I Love Him, Shorty Yuan

Even this theme song (with its awful inappropriate cartoon credits) gets stuck in our heads.  Man I loved this show.  There are also more songs that I loved from this one, but they are best enjoyed while watching the show itself.

I actually had a lot more on this list than I thought I would, and this list probably represents at least half of the shows that I've seen, so that is a pretty good ratio.  Since they make these songs stand on their own feet, whether they are used for the soundtrack or not, that ensures that they are good songs no matter what, right?  I do appreciate them no matter what (even if I haven't even seen the show they've been in *cough cough, Absolute Boyfriend, cough cough*).  I'm sure as I keep watching Tdramas, this list will keep on growing.

Random shot of Aaron Yan to end this post on an extra good note:


  1. I LOVE the Autumn Concerto OST. It still makes me weepy.

  2. It's so good! And that show... the two combined just have that power. I think the OST just made the show that much better because it was so amazing.