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Korean Dramas with some of the Best OSTs

I don't think I've ever seen an OST break a show, but they can sometimes make the show, or at least make the show that much better.  Whether the songs are simply just catchy and get stuck in our heads without any sort of permission (ALMOST PAAARADISE!!!!) or if they are super good songs that stick with you and end up in your playlists and purchased items, OSTs are a major part of a drama.  That kiss scene would just not be as good without the swelling love ballad in the background increasing the feels by at least 100%.

Or they can add an additional bit of humor when used at just the right moment:

Here are some of the Korean Drama OSTs that have moved me the most, that have definitely made it into my collection, and are constantly being sung and played by me all.the.time...

There are some dramas that could be on this list, but I just needed to limit it.  Such as My Secret Hotel, which ended this week.  I liked the variety of that OST, and especially the use of the OST (as seen in that picture above).  It was just good, but not so good to be on the list of the best.  Some songs worth mentioning are Secret by Yoon Seong Ki, Lost in Love by Neon Bunny, and Trap by Swings and Sung Eun Yoo (I really liked that one).

Plus Nine Boys is another one of those where I mostly appreciated how this show used the OST.  The songs usually made the situation funnier or more poignant.  Such as the time where Jin Goo's one sided love is revealed to us, while he is riding the bus with her and her voice fades out and as he stares all he can think is "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty..." as the song plays just that in the background.  Or the song "Green Light" when he is looking for signs as to whether or not he should try again to win her.  It was super well done.  I really liked Confession by Standing Egg.  The song used to bring the middle brother and his crush together when he stood on stage and confessed to her.

So here is the official list of some of the best Drama OSTs, listed in reverse chronological order:

13. It's Okay, That's Love

This one might have sparked the idea to write this post, after I listened to Chen's Best of Luck, for the millionth time.  But I think that the use of all the songs were way good.  Also I liked how there was a variety of styles to make it awesome all the time.

Man, that song made me so happy every time it played.

12. Fated to Love You

I just can't even get over how great this OST was.  Every song!  I especially got the Destiny Sonata by Jung Dongha stuck in my head, all the time.  It was usually played right at the end of the episode, and we would always sing along, either laughing (but more often crying).  It's so pretty and catchy.

But these songs also were favorites, causing similar sing-alongs and tear fests.

Goodbye My Love, Ailee

Morning of Canon, A Yeon Baek

I could go on to every single song on the OST, because every single song was amazing and we were constantly commenting about them, on how much we loved every song.  So perfect.  This show!  I loved this show so much I can't stop talking about it, apparently.  Oh me.  Oh this show.

11. Angel Eyes

I think that the OST is one of the only reasons I liked this show, because it was getting pretty silly by the end of it.  But I couldn't stop watching it.  Even just the opening theme song was enough to make me watch it, but then this song... so good!

Run to You, Lasse Lindh

I also liked Blue Bird, by Jo Jung Hee

The whole OST had a nice little Indie feel to it which really made the drama better, especially when it was getting super silly.  It helped me remember to like the show and keep watching it, because I wanted to hear the songs... hahaha.  I also wanted to see how it ended, as in how would that couple finally get together.  Seriously.

10. Cunning Single Lady

I just love Big Baby Driver, so whenever she does an OST, it's probably going to make a list like this.  I loved the OST for this.  Not just the BBD song, but the other ones were good too.  It's just that one was the favorite.

Alone Again, Big Baby Driver

9. Reply 1994

I really loved this show and this OST!  Even though they were new songs, they were done in the style of 1994, and it was magical.  While also using actual 90s songs, they managed to make the original songs and remakes fit the 90s style so well.

My all time favorite would have to be To You, whether sung by Seo Taiji and The Boys or Sung Si Kyung, I love this song.  Love, love, love.

And then this one.  Awesome.  With You, B1A4

8. Master's Sun

I can't believe I almost forgot this one, I loved the OST for this one!  So good!  Also the drama is so good too.  One of my favorite Hong Sisters dramas.  Because this one is a supernatural horror romance type deal, the songs were sometimes a bit creepy too, and I liked that.  Here are some of my favorites from this one:

Touch Love, Yoon Mi Rae

That one is the one that gets stuck in our heads.  "Lonely love, yes I love, da da da da da ..." (I obviously know the lyrics so well ㅋㅋㅋ).

No Matter What, Seo In Guk

Aw, his songs always get to me.  That man.

7. Gu Family Book

Only You (4Men) has become my number 1 karaoke song, I swear.  I loved it so much.  Pretty much any OST featuring 4Men is going to be awesome, because they have awesome voices and rock those ballads.  Yep.  I just loved this one.

Their voices!  Mmmmm mmmmm!  Also, if you read my norebang post, I love wailing songs so... this one is very therapeutic for me to sing along to.

6. Reply 1997

Nothing is better than an OST sung by the main cast.  Yep, I just loved the OST for this, partially because it was done in the 90s and early 2000s style, but mostly because it was Seo In Guk and Eunji singing a song or two from it, together too!

All For You, Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji

And another one... they're killing me.  Love Story, Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk

Seriously, this is one of my favorite love stories.  I loved this drama and this OST.

5. Bridal Mask

The OST for this is so bad-a!  I love this drama so much,  I can't even handle it!  It might get a perfect score when I finally finish it and rate it.  I love it that much!  Seriously, this show and OST are so epic and good.  Plus... Joo Won.  He makes everything that much better.  Wow.

Judgement Day, Joo Won feat. Lee Jung Hyun

Holy crap!  This song!  I can't even... this song just is... now I want to watch this drama right now!

Goodbye Day, UlalaSession

I Couldn't, 4Men

I'm getting excited to watch this show again just listening to these songs.  So so so so so good!

4. A Gentleman's Dignity

Another OST that owes a lot of it's awesomeness to Big Baby Driver, but she's not the only one who rocks this.  It also has some songs by Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE, who also plays the part of the son in the show.  I love that man's voice.  Jang Dong Gun even gets in on the OST action, so there is a lot to love.  Also, just their use of music in this show is the best.  My favorite scene of all time is the one where they are in the car listening to the radio and all that is on is sexy songs.... bwahahaha, including Don't Go by GD&TOP.  So here are my favorites from this show (which happens to by my favorite show).

You Are Everywhere, Big Baby Driver

Spring I Love You, Big Baby Driver

My Love, Jong Hyun

 I feel like I could keep going on, so you should maybe look up Your Sun is Stupid and More Than Me.

3. Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

This OST... I wish that Eye Candy were a real band because... I love them so much.  I love all their songs so much too!  I can't even express how much I loved the OST for this one.

Jaywalking, Sung Joon

Wake Up, Sung Joon

Love U, Like U, L and Ye Rim

So many good songs in this show.  The show itself was a bit painful to watch at times, but still a good show.  Just a little too dramatic for a show about high schoolers.

2. Scent of a Woman

Junsu is another one of those peeps who just makes good OSTs.  I love it when he is featured on an OST.  I have to say that the one for Scent of a Women was definitely sing-alongable.  We were constantly breaking out into choruses of "You are soooooo beautiful!!!!"  It made us happy every time too.

You Are So Beautiful, Junsu

Yep, that's right.  Junsu wasn't just featured in the OST, he was in the show too!  I was fangirling way more that I thought I would too (I'm Jaejoong biased) but boy did I love his part in it.  This OST definitely made the rest of the show so much better.

1. Secret Garden

This has to be the ultimate best OST ever.  I sing along more and more every time I watch this show (which is a lot since I love this show) and it just keeps getting better and better.  From Baek Ji Young to 4Men to Hyun Bin himself, this show's OST is magical.  It makes an already good thing better.  Every time I watch it I just have to comment on how great it all is.  Woopie.

That Woman, Baek Ji Young

The Reason, 4Men

Here I Am, 4Men Feat. Mi

That Man, Hyun Bin

Once more, this list could go on for forever, so here are some other notable songs: Scar by Bois and Tear Stains by Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun).

I could also have gone on for forever on the dramas, because there are so many dramas that have good OSTs.  I'm thinking of You Are Beautiful (because Lee Hong Ki) and Trot Lovers (because of the Trot songs).  I really wanted to add Bride of the Century, once again because Lee Hong Ki, but I needed to cut the list down.  It's so hard!  So many dramas have good OSTs!  But this collection features some of the best that I have seen.  And now I want to watch most of these dramas over again after listening to these songs.  Sigh.  Well, there goes my weekend.  Anything that you would add to this list?

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