Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rediscovering a Neck Crush: My Unexpected Obsession With Alien Huang

After getting sick of lame dramatic crap where romantic comedy was supposed to be, I returned to watching the Taiwanese drama Sweet Sweet Bodyguard, which I absolutely love (despite the horribly lame title), but have to wait painfully long periods for each episode to get subbed.  I think I discovered it because of the instant play on the Viki app, which will play a random show after you finished the last episode uploaded in a series.  It was probably played after I had watched the most current episode of Prince William or something.  I was feeling lazy and really didn't want to go be social at whatever function was going on, so I just let it play.  It was so cheesy, but strangely funny and different.

A female bodyguard wants to get out of the business so she makes a deal with her boss/father that the next job will be her last, if she can complete it, as the person she would have to protect is the guy that she hates the most because of a misunderstanding when she thought she was saving him from being kidnapped.

That man is, of course, played by Alien Huang (Huang Hong Sheng).

At first I didn't think he was cute at all, because he was always yelling and making this pouty frown face because they hated each other and he was an obsessive perfectionist, etc.  You know, the typical rich dude character who's a jerk with a tragic past type deal.

Then we discover that he's secretly in an indie rock band.  The lead singer, of course.

Then he runs away from home and becomes a car mechanic, and all the sudden he's looking super hot.  I mean he was already getting nicer, but him in those flannel shirts, t-shirts, and especially polo shirts... his neck is so good.  Like Jack Li, his neck bumps him up from cute to hot.

And now I am thinking everything he does is super cute... I mean... wth.

Those pouty/dazed faces I used to make fun of are now adorable.

I love the fact that he makes a bunch of different expressions.

He's got a really cute smile.

Also... dimples...

I really want to pinch his cheeks.

And this face.  He's like, "I'm going to change that fact."  Mmm hmmm.

This drama is pretty much just fun and cute so far.

Man... now I'm going to have to watch more dramas with him in it... and maybe start listening to his music more... and I don't just mean the OST for Just You.  Even though I love it...

Yep.  I also have a crush on his voice.  Good that I like pretty much everything about him.  Nice.


  1. I have to agree with you. His neck is beautiful and those dimples! Man. I would watch that drama just to see him smile.

    1. I forgot to say something about his voice. He is the whole package. Awesome.

    2. I know, right! He just makes me smile. Seriously.