Thursday, August 21, 2014

In 3.5 Min, More Chemistry Than the 23 Hours of Fall in Love With Me

So, Aaron just came out with a new dance version MV for his song No Cut, this time featuring Puff Guo.  No Cut is not my favorite song of his, mostly because of the rapping part in the middle which is just no.

No disrespect, but I've yet to be impressed with any mandopop dancing skills, unless you want to count Exo-M or groups like that.  But Aaron Yan and the rest of Fahrenheit... you can just keep singing well and leave it at that.

Ahem... so besides the fact that a dance version MV is a bit funny to me, I kind of like the dance MV better than the original, which was a little weird, but not in a bad way.  Maybe it is just because I ship Aaron and Puff together.

Yep, that definitely is it.

And for an Aaron Yan dance video, it's pretty good.  It looks a bit like the old SM band in a box format, only with less strenuous dance moves than typical of an SM group.  He's no SuJu or DBSK (I don't even want to start comparing him to SHINee), but he keeps his chill dance moves ok.  Or rather lets the back up dancers make him look good.  I'm ok with him looking good.

This move is so exciting.

Ok, I'll admit I like the kick move that makes his legs look forever long.

Lots of swinging arms, snapping, and swiveling to the music.

But where this video is at is this.  The chemistry that just leaps off the screen.  Also Puff makes more facial expressions in three and a half minutes than "Stone Face" (aka Tao Le Si) does in the whole run of Fall In Love With Me... sigh.

Here is the MV for your viewing pleasure.

Now I don't have to just watch Just You scenes over and over to get my Puff and Aaron fix.  There should also be a MV for Unstoppable Sun coming out soon with our OTP dream team as well, if what I heard is correct, so that makes me super excited, especially since that one is my favorite Aaron song, with my favorite Aaron leading lady.  I hope that rumor is true...


  1. Eek! That little sexy smirk at the end!!! He's so teasing us being like: I know you want me to kiss Puff ;) And you are so right! Their chemistry is so excellent! I must say, I do much prefer this version. Also, we can't forget the Bollywood shoutout he gives (though I have no idea why). And about the rapping and dancing: it would be really unfair if he were also good at those things as well. I mean, he can't be perfect ;P

    1. That's true. I'm quite content with him just looking and sounding oh so beautiful.

  2. On Koala's Playground, she wrote about how when Aaron asked Puff to be in this video, she said she laughed because she is the worst dancer in S.H.E and he laughed because he said he was the worse dancer in Fahrenheit. I could only think while reading this, that there was more chemistry even in this second hand dialogue that I didn't even see then there was between him and Tia in nearly the entire run of Fall In Love With me but Only if You Are Crazy and Can Stomach more Crazy. Anyway, so I just think of that conversation and laugh when watching this video because the sizzle is there, but I like my sizzle with that background of comfortable friends business that they clearly have and had in Just You. I wonder if Puff just has that effect on people because you can see it in the BTS of Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You.

    1. I heard that too, them saying they were both considered the worst dancers of their groups. I love their friendship in real life. I agree that this is a big part of the chemistry, and she seriously can get along with everyone. I look at We Got Married: Global Edition as another example of her making things work for the couple. I agree that the sizzle + obvious friends makes it all the better and I can definitely see that in Just You, Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You and this MV. I really like Puff, I think she's pretty cool.