Monday, August 25, 2014

A Perfect Couple of Episodes, Until it Suddenly Undergoes a Genre Change

So we start watching a Romantic Comedy Korean Drama, and we all know now that after episode 12ish that all the sudden the crap will hit the fan and no matter how funny the drama started out, it will suddenly be a melodrama (just think how Emergency Couple was supposed to be a RomCom, but the whole second half was complete melodrama... which was actually so much better than the comedy was).  I don't know if this is a case of the dramas being "Anthony'd" (King of Dramas reference) or if the basic plot has to do that to complete itself, but seriously.  When I start a RomCom, I'm looking for comedy and romance, not melodrama.  Not sad stuff.  Funny.  With kissing and couple cuteness.  Fluffiness.

I don't know what it is about Chinese/Taiwanese Dramas, but they seem to take the genre changing even more extreme than is typical for Korean Dramas. It's not even funny how all romantic comedies start out cute and funny and by the second half of the show they are suddenly melodramatic.  I've come to just accept that fact, but recently, there has been too many over the top genre changes for my taste.

Fall in Love With Me is one of the worst cases.  I mean, what the heck!

That one was so bad that I almost stopped watching Love Myself or You when there was an almost to the point of break up fight because I couldn't handle that crap, but luckily it didn't last long and the show is still progressing smoothly.  Whew.

Stealing a kiss... yep it went right back to cute by the end of the next episode.  Whew.

Knock on wood that this show is almost over and that nothing ridiculous will happen after this (fingers crossed and holding my thumb).

Perfect Couple was supposed to be my cleanse the palette from dramatic crap as the beginning was so over the top, doesn't take itself serious at all, funny.

The main couple was hilarious and had great chemistry (way more than could be said for the FILWM couple).

From frenemies:

To best friends/real newly weds.

But then, on cue, just when they should be getting together for realsies, the melodramatic crap comes in.

Right as he was getting cute with his typical rich boy confession- you know, a little bit of consideration with a whole lot of money.

Then she pulls out the noble idiocy/hide the feelings because of fear and lack of trust.


Looking the drama to see how many episodes it really was (it's 45 not 38) lead me to discover that it gets even worse until the point that the bad guys become completely over the top cray cray.  (Thanks to The Hungry Egghead for recaps and reviews)  Uh. Now I don't even know if I can finish it!  I've got like 25ish episodes of drama?  No!!!!!!!

I guess it's back to me finishing Love Family (until that one gets dramatic instead of just cheesy and slow moving) where at least I can watch Jack Li pulling all the faces he didn't make in Fall in Love With Me.

Seriously, what direction did he get that made Leo such a stone face?

I've seen Jack Li act awesome before (I heart him in Love Around), why did they have to make his character so passively lame in FILWM?

But with all these dramas pulling out the crazy genre changes, the show that has surprised me the most, in the fact that it never even had the genre change typical of a Kdrama RomCom, is Marriage, Not Dating.

I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I didn't start this one until it was almost over.  I'm sad that I didn't get to enjoy this awesomeness earlier, but also happy that I didn't have to wait every week... I guess that all depends on if you like or hate marathoning a show, basically finishing it in one weekend.

This one was refreshingly different.  It stayed a RomCom the entire time.

What's better than contract marriage/dating?  Contract dating for the purpose of getting your mother to reject your girlfriend and let you never get married.  Seriously funny times.  A battle of wills between the mom and main couple.

Even when things got a little more serious, it managed to stay light and fun.  That's awesome.

It's got a lot of character development, without characters completely changing.  Yes, the peeps grow up, but they are still true to themselves.

Also the main couple has to be one of the cutest I have seen in a long while, since most of them never get time just to act like a normal cute couple since the crap hits the fan right at the same time that they get together.

So it is possible!  You don't have to change genres to get the story told.  I mean a little melo is ok, but still let us feel the happy vibes.  Can't the main couple be happy for more than one episode?  We just want them to be together!  That's all we want!  Does it have to be so painful in the process?


  1. Yup. I thought Perfect Couple was going to be my cute relief as well. Nope. I LOVED Marriage Not Dating and plan to marathon it during my next holiday to watch it all at once rather than having fits witing for the weekend. What I liked about it was that it kept its humor AND its heart throughout. It is almost like many of the rom-Com cannot figure out how to keep the humor while still conveying that the couple is serious about each other as if funny things in life do not happen at the same time as sad ones. Haven't they ever laughed and cried at the same time? I also loved how they flipped some of the tropes around--leading us to think that Gi Tae's mom was the stereotypical kdrama crazy mom but made her into a real person whom you want to see triumph in the end. Jack Li has more expression in those screenshots you shared than in all of FILWM. Poor guy--maybe he was just waiting for it to be over, too.

    1. I know, seriously, it's not like Jack Li's character had that much of a point, since he never really had a chance ever and was just there the whole time. He's a good actor though, and I hope he gets a better drama soon.

      I absolutely loved Marriage Not Dating for those same reasons. I'm probably going to end up watching it again too. I loved how it made you laugh and cry at the same time, mixing the sad with the cute, because it is both in reality. I loved how they supported each other when times got tough. So cute.

    2. I, too, really liked how they supported each other. This is one of the things that frustrates me the most. In most dramas, the leads spend way too much time trying to protect each other when really they need to team up to fight the bad guys, evil in-laws, corporate take over, etc. This is another reason to like Love Myself or You because they figure this out early and get rid f that noble idiocy angst to make way for (hopefully) real relationship development where our OTP works together to help each other through their past trauma. I remember looking up the number of episodes for the drama while watching the most recent episode because usually the kind of things that occur in it only occur in the last episode leaving no time for us to see the couple actually together.

    3. I hope it doesn't go for too much longer (because I'm afraid it will get stupid the longer it drags out), but I'm glad that wasn't the last episode and they are already helping/supporting. I was so scared at firs the Love Myself or You was going downhill with the almost breaking up part... I hope it stays this cute, and also that the hot/crazy older brother gets better so everyone can be happy. I am so sick of the noble idiocy crap. Yes< lying and self sacrifice/destructive behavior is always the way to make the person you're in love with happier... Where do they come up with that crappy logic?

  2. Are you going to do another entry about what is happening (because what IS happening?) to Love Myself or You? They resolved everything with the brother drama so quickly (bad french toast and lame kidnapping is the answer to all problems I guess) and now . . . what are they going to do for 8 more episodes?!?! This show was always so slow paced and then they sped up what should have been the ending too early. Sigh.

    1. I really hope the next one is the last. Seriously, what else can they do without ruining everything? I will definitely have to post about it if it's not the last one. What crap are they going to create if it does have 8 more episodes? (Shudder). Please just end it!

    2. Well, I finally got around to writing that post about Love Myself or You's melodrama roller coaster. At least it still hasn't gotten Fall in Love with Me bad yet.