Wednesday, January 8, 2014

96. Dating Agency: Cyrano 연애조작단; 시라노 (2013) Korean

Lee Jong Hyuk, Choi Sooyoung, Lee Chun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Jo Yoon Woo

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A

This is the last of the current Flower Boy series, and probably the lamest of all of them.  I still liked it, but as a Flower Boy drama it was a bit lame.  Both lead mens were on the older side, with Jong Hyuk being quite old, but he's still pretty enough to be a flower man at least.  It had a nice serial feel to it as the dating agency has a new case every few episodes.  I'll admit that the only reason I broke down and watched it was because Lee Kwang Soo was one of the clients.  I almost just watched episodes 6-8 for him, when I decided that I liked the main cast well enough to give it a chance.  It was ok good, it just wasn't as gripping as some of them.  I think the main story arc probably had the most holes and silly drama in it.  Also, Master gave most people the second lead syndrome.  I didn't love him as much as most people, but he was cooler than the main guy.  I have no idea why she didn't fall in love with him instead.  But he never had a chance, unlike some other peeps who have a chance and don't take it, or have a chance but don't deserve it.  I think he was probably friends zones from moment one.  Sad day.  It get cray cray at the ending, but ends ok.  My favorite episodes are 6-8.  I was actually excited about those episodes.  Other good cameos include Gong Yoo, Lee Chung Ah, and Choi Won Young.

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