Wednesday, January 8, 2014

92. Miss Rose 螺絲小姐要出嫁 (2012) Taiwanese

Megan Lai, Roy Qiu, Puff Guo, Jao Jun Ya, Tia Li, Paul Hsu

Drama Rating: 3/10     Neck Score: B

Emotional manipulation.  That was all this show was.  A butt load of emotional manipulation.  It started off so well too.  The premise of a hard working secretary making a bet with a fortune teller that she'd get married that year is cool.  But that plot was like the minor, minor detail and not the main plot.  She's an awkward secretary who ends up in this "golden boy of business's" life and makes him want to break free from his shackles of emotional manipulation.  He is indebted to his boss, who raised him and took care of his mom ever since his dad died, and so has to be engaged to his boss's spoiled daughter who still thinks of him as the chauffeur's son and treats him like crap, all to pay his boss back and take the role of successor.  Once he falls in love with the secretary, then everyone in his world gives him crap and keeps manipulating him, including his mom, who I seriously wanted to slap because she was the worst kind of manipulator.  Then there was the evil head of the secretary's company who was manipulating things because he didn't want the golden boy dude to remove him from the company he was embezzling money from.   Also there was the head bitca who trained the spoiled fiancee in the ways of the bitca, turning her from a spoiled but honest brat into a full fledged bitca.  Then there is the older dude who cruelly dumped the secretary girl for money and career, who decided that he made a mistake and turns into a cray cray creep trying to win her back.  Seriously, a whole lot of crappy manipulation that made it really really hard to finish no matter how hot Roy Qiu is.  Too bad he had to deal with all that crap all the time, I felt so sorry for him.  But Paul Hsu made up for a lot.  His character was adorable, even if his romantic counter part was "stone face" Tia Li.  She's actually way better in this one than she is in Fall in Love With Me, but I never believed she liked Paul Hsu's character, not good acting on her part.  Love Puff, but her character is not the best, but she played it very well.

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