Wednesday, January 8, 2014

66. Unemployed Romance 실업급여 로맨스 (2013) Korean

Lee Young Ah, Nam Goong Min, Suh Joon Young, Bae Seul Gi

Drama Rating: 5.5/10     Neck Score: B

This is just a cheesy little romcom, it's only 10 episodes long.  Watched it for Lee Young Ah, wasn't too disappointed either.  It's about a couple who met in college and then dated for forever, broke up without a great explanation, and then met each other years later when she went to the unemployement office where he worked.  The great thing about it is that the first half is completely from her perspective, and then it switches to his perspective so we can see both sides of the story.  It is also hilarious.  My favorite part is when he deals with the breakup with the rice cooker.  It is one of those fancy ones that talks, and he keeps talking to it, having it make rice and stuff.  It is nothing glamorous, but it is pretty funny, especially with the ridiculous things they do trying to keep from admitting that they still have feelings for each other.  In the romance department it's pretty realistic, with people over thinking things, things being messy, trying to chose the best despite what they heart says.  Both leads are pretty much the most awkward people ever, so that's cool.  It's just a cute little drama, with a bit of a weird ending.  They always do that in shows about writers though.  They have to write about what we just watched, turning life experience into a bestselling book or drama, whatever.

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