Sunday, January 5, 2014

47. High Kick Through the Roof^ 지붕뚫고 하이킥 (2009-2010) Korean

Lee Soon Jae, Kim Ja Ok, Choi Daniel, Yoon Si Yoon

Drama Rating: 7/10      Neck Score: A

This is a sit-com so there are like 126 episodes, but they are only like 20ish min.  That is why I haven't finished it yet.  Also, it is so so so so so funny.  Also I am now in love with Choi Daniel and Yoon Si Yoon even more.  However, this show has a really bad ending.  As in the last two episodes suck.  I had to get spoilers for this because I heard things and needed to know how bad it was before I went too far.  It's bad, so look it up before you start and then maybe just don't watch the last two episodes.  But it's a hilarious sit-com about a crazy family with a farting grandpa, a mom who high kicks, a dad who is hen pecked by the grandpa and mom because he's kind of silly, a younger brother who is a socially oblivious doctor, a son who has a crush on the young house keeper, the daughter who is spoiled and calls everyone farty-butthole (still one of the best insults of all time).  There is also the 20-something year old house keeper and her younger sister who were raised in the mountains and are clueless as to modern society and how things work.  There is also the vice-principle of the school the mom works out who is dating the grandpa, as well as the bunch of youngsters who live at her house which includes the son's tutor (who lied about what school she goes to in order to get the job and has a love/hate relationship with the younger brother) and Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo In Na (who are trying to become idols) and Julian Kang (who is a Canadian who is living in Korean to work and learn and is sometimes more Korean then the rest of them.)  I think I only watched up to episode 84 or something, and everything is great.  I hope it doesn't get too stupid before the last two episodes, which I just won't watch.  Also Choi Daniel and Yoon Si Yoon are the same age (born 1986) but Choi Daniel is the uncle and Yoonie is the nephew, obviously supposed to be at least 10 years apart... and it works.  The power of the baby face!

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