Sunday, January 5, 2014

39. King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu 제빵왕 김탁구 (2010) Korean

Yoon Si Yoon, Joo Won, Eugene, Lee Young Ah

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: B-

This is one of those dreaded family dramas that are usually 50 episodes long.  This one is only 30, but I am still not ashamed to say that I watched most of it on fast speed.  As in, I only watched the parts that had the young peeps in it, and none of the parent crap.  Clearly, I watched this because of my new found love for Yoon Si Yoon, but he doesn't even appear in it until episode 6 because it starts out as kids.  This is a birth secrets drama.  No!!!!!  But it's ok as long as you fast forward the family drama part and keep to the kids drama.  I speed watched the first few episodes to get the jist of it and then skipped all the parent parts during the show.  It was tolerable then.  Super makjang though (cliched overly dramatic) also... does the other guy get the main girl?  Cause that's what it looks like.  It's ok.  Everyone loved Yoonie and Young Ah together anyways.  They're the REAL OTP (one true pairing).  Yoon Si Yoon is a pretty crier though.  Also, despite his bad attitude, I ended up really loving Joo Won, who is an amazing actor too.  Also, upon rewatching some of it, I realized that Yoonie had the worst fat face/neck in this.  It was horrible when paired with his nasty mullet-like hair.  I had to bump this don't to a B- since Joo Won's neck is still good.  If you want to see Yoon Si Yoon's hot neck, this is not the drama for that.

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