Sunday, January 5, 2014

32. Prosecutor Princess 검사 프린세스 (2010) Korean

Park Si Hoo, Kim So Yeon, Han Jung Soo, Choi Song Hyun

Drama Rating: 6/10      Neck Score: A

The first like 15 min of this show were so stupid that I stopped it once and didn't start again until I was really bored one day so I gave it another chance.  It was still dumb until the moment Park Si Hoo came on the screen.  I think he opened the door and all the sudden "Ahhhhh!" I was going to watch no matter how stupid the show was.  But actually, it got good after that.  Not just because this hot man was in the show, but because the plot actually kicked in and it wasn't just this silly girl becoming a prosecutor and chasing after a pair of shoes.  It's kinda got that legally blond type premise, but it's got a pretty deep plot with twists as it goes from fashion princess becomes prosecutor to twisted revenge plot.  Also the other prosecutors are all pretty good looking (including Lee Jong Suk), as all prosecutors always are in these shows.  So while the first episode is way dumb (first episodes are never the best) it has a nice build and some tricky plot twists.

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