Tuesday, January 14, 2014

154. Ex-Girlfriend Club 구여친클럽 (2015) Korean

Song Ji Hyo,  Byun Yo Han, Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, Hwa Young

Drama Rating: 6/10    Neck Score: A

I'm sadder that this show was cancelled than I thought I would be.  I didn't like the episodes where everything started to go crappy, because it seemed like too much all at once, and then I heard that they had cancelled the show and so they were wrapping up quickly.  They did manage to make it not suck so much with the sudden shortening.  I am super shocked that it was doing so poorly in ratings, because I loved it.  I love Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han was adorably amazing in it.  I also loved and hated the three exes at the same time, which is good.  It's just sad that it got a bit weird in the middle.  I was getting frustrated at the exes because the OTP was too cute and they were starting to get to the annoying point, but it was also so funny at the same time.  I thought because of how cray it was getting that ending it sooner would be good, but it still came off as a bit abrupt.  It was like they solved too much and not enough at the same time.  It was weird.  Not bad, just weird.  I still liked it.  I think the biggest reason I was dissatisfied was that it wasted too much time on drama that didn't matter and then only gave us superficial fixes to the rest.  Even our OTP was only given cutesy time while never getting into any real emotional depth in their relationship, which is why they still looked like best friends or a high school couple at best.  This is one of the problems with shortening shows, however with the way they were dragging out the love triangle and other annoying crap, I do have my doubts as to whether they were ever going to go there, even after they made a big deal about the sexy time earlier in the show.  I don't know, I still liked it, but the ending was decidedly lackluster and left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

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