Tuesday, January 14, 2014

146. Baby Faced Beauty 동안미녀 (2011) Korean

Choi Daniel, Jang Na Ra, Ryu Jin, Kim Min Seo

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A

Why did I do that to myself?  There was so much to hate in this show, which is why we called it Baby Faced Bitcas.  No, I know why.  Lizabreff's mom kept gushing over Choi Daniel and telling me to watch it.  Well, she was right about that.  He is arguably one of the best and cutest male leads ever.  I am way in love with him.  In fact every one of the 4s in the 4/10 is him.  So is all of the A in the neck score.  If I could rate the show based just on Choi Daniel, it would probably be 12/10, I loved him so much, but he can only be on screen so often, and pretty much everything else was hateful.  Well, I liked Jang Na Ra's character okay, but she had so much crap happen to her that it was so painful to watch. But she did manage to make the typical melo situations a bit better with how practical she was, like when she had to break up with him to protect him (I swear that happens in every show) she doesn't go the "I hate you" or "I lied" route- the worst that she says is that he's an immature baby, which is only slightly true- so even though it's crappy melodrama, it's not as bad as it could have been.  But she also did a ton of super stupid things, so she will have to be on the hateful list at least sometimes for some stupid things, like even considering breaking up with Choi Daniel, dumb girl.  But seriously, I absolutely hated everyone else in the show, especially the other dude, Mr. Ji (Ryu Jin).  Every time he was on screen I felt urges to punch him in the face and shouted, multiple times, angry things such as a desire to kick him in the balls.  He will be an added addendum to my list of Second Male Leads Who Make Me Want to Punch Them In The Face.  Even the people who were supposed to be good, such as friends and family, were awful and made me so angry.  They were so stupid and selfish.  Yeah, that epilogue part and the end where they all had happy endings, I didn't like it because none of them deserved it, that's how much I hated them all.  Too much hate for me, I'm so glad it's over.  If it hadn't been for Choi Daniel, I would never and could never have made it through.  He's worth it... but that was a lot of crap I endured for him.

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