Saturday, January 11, 2014

110. Perfect Couple 金玉良缘 (2014) Chinese

Tiffany Tang, Wallace Huo, Huang Ming, Wang Yang, Wang Jing Luan

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A

So ridiculously over the top.  The first half was an over-the-top comedy, and then it had a sudden genre change where it because a seriously over-the-top melodrama.  But I laughed just as much at it either way because it was over-the-top.  When the bad dude went completely cray cray I laughed even more, because he has a seriously awesomely funny crazy laugh/face.  They even had good camera angles to make the crazy face all the funnier.  Even a bit of fish eye at one point.  However, despite it's craziness and overly dramatic execution, it was still compelling because the main couple has so much flippin' chemistry.  There is pretty good character development, no one ends in the place they start out, which is good.  Even though the bad dude goes completely crazy, it's a gradual thing, so that's good... even if it's super unrealistic and the redemption of some of the people is pretty much impossible.  Whatever.  The ending was really dumb.  I just hate time jumps.  Especially time jumps for no reason.  Let's have a time jump for no reason in the last 15 min of the show so we can end up a comedy instead of a melodrama.  Yep.  They went there.  Boo.  I really just want to play a villain in one of these things... not even just a villain, but anyone with power and a temper so I can flip tables, bowls of food, spit out tea or splash full cups of tea in peoples faces, also bitca slap everyone.  They have some epic tantrums, just saying.  I'd love to be an epic villain in a Chinese epic.  That basically sums this show up.  Epic.  Epic comedy.  Epic melodrama.  Epic romance.

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