Monday, February 19, 2018

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior องค์บาก (2003) Thai

Tony Jaa, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Pumwaree Yodkamol, Chattapong Pantana-Angkul

Movie rating: 8/10     Neck score: A

I don't remember why I watched Ong Bak 2 before the first one, but I think it had something to do with my little brother thinking the first one might be too violent for me... and then we watched Ahjussi together, haha. I actually liked Ong Bak better because it was easier to follow and had some really great fight scenes. It is about a righteous village dude who goes to Bangkok to get the head of Ong Bak, the village's Buddha statue, back after it gets stolen by some thug from a gang. All he wants is Ong Bak's head, but naturally it becomes something much bigger than that, requiring him to use his awesome Muay Thai skills to defeat all the gang members.

Friday, February 16, 2018

293. Just Between Lovers 그냥 사랑하는 사이 (2017) Korean

Lee Joon Ho, Won Jin Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Kang Han Na

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+

I wasn't going to watch this at first, but I kept seeing spoilers that made me want to watch it. Plus, I wanted to see Joon Ho act more, because he really impressed me in Chief Kim. It was definitely worth it. I burned through the whole show in about a week. But the one thing that you have to remember before starting this show is that it is a melodrama. Straight up tragedy, really. It is about a bunch of people whose lives were ruined because of a mall collapse back in 2005.  You know you are getting old when the past scenes in a drama were after you'd already started college. All of our leads have a traumatic past because of this event, some of them have it worse than others because they were trapped in the mall and almost died.

I do like the character development of most people. I like how we slowly started learning things about what happened in the past. It unfolded nicely and helped the character development. I loved how no one was really a horrible person, and even that gae baby had a story and reasons, even though I still called him "gae baby" cause he deserves it. The person whose character got the least development was Lee Ki Woo, who had a lame second male lead plot development, while the second female lead was bae.

I thought that Won Jin Ah did a great job.  Joon Ho was decent too. They definitely kept me coming back even when I thought it was going to be too hard or dramatic. It was a bit of both, but it was also enjoyable and worth it. I did get a bit mad about how the previews strung me along making me keep watching as they lied about what episode the cute scenes were actually going to be in. I had to wait like three episodes for that back hug scene, thanks a lot.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

287. Mad Dog 매드독 (2017) Korean

Yoo Ji Tae, Woo Do Hwan, Ryu Hwa Young, Jo Jae Yun, Kim Hye Seong, Choi Won Young

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A++

I think that this one was more about who was in it than the actual plot, or quality of the show.  Lizabreff and I already had noona crushes on Woo Do Hwan, and Curdy is in love with Yoo Ji Tae, plus it's a con man mystery plot, which is also her favorite, and I will watch anything for Choi Won Young, so we had to watch it.  However, it wasn't necessarily amazing, but the characters at least were very compelling.  The villains were all over the top bad.  Like all of them.  They would all take turns trying to out do each other, or take turns who was going to be the "good" bad guy, or the person who was the most humane and decent at the time.  It got annoying how overly powerful all the villains were, backstabbing and ridiculously evil.  Wow, no wonder everyone would pause to over react to the next evil plot, or passionately scream at how evil their deeds were.  It was like crazy cheesy at times, but it was also good.  I loved it, even when the dramatic reactions made me laugh.

So we have a insurance investigator who has gone rogue after his wife and son died in a plane accident who creates an undercover detective agency, who then gets conned by the younger brother of the pilot who supposedly committed suicide taking that plane full of passengers with him, into helping him clear his brother's name.  Obviously everything is just an evil cover up conspiracy between the airline company and the insurance company, but it's going to take 16 episodes to actually stop them.  Such is the power of money.  It also took an annoyingly long time for the friendships to blossom.  I got pretty frustrated that it took them forever, like a whole half of the show, to all trust each other and become a team.  It took Dr. Kim (the sexy conman Woo Do Hwan) almost dying several times by the monkey ear killer lawyer man for them to actually accept him as their own.  Wow, he almost died so many times.  I was constantly screaming: "don't walk by yourself, dude!  Gah!"

But I loved the team, especially when they were all loving each other and being all romance or bromancy.  I know this is a crime thriller, but it could have had more romance, just a bit.  Just a tiny bit more!  I shipped all the people!  I loved Cheetah Ahjussi and Noo Ri!  BROMANCE!  Noo Ri was actually our favorite by the end of it.  We also called him the Korean Billy Boyd, cause he would pull faces that made him look like him.  If Ken from Vixx and Billy Boyd had a love child... haha.  I also waited for forever for the "hyungs" to be distributed more freely.  Just wanted more bromance, although I loved what they had.  It was all about the bromances.  Woot!

So apart from spurts of over acting, too many attempted murders by Monkey Ears, and the villains out doing each other with the backstabs, it was great.  I love, love, loved Choi Won Young.  He is so good at what he does.  At being a despicable person who you sometimes also feel for, who is brilliant and stupid, and just a little gae saekki.  I was constantly being like: "Oppa, you're wonderful.  Nasty and wonderful."  I love him.  Really, everyone did a pretty good job... except in some scenes where the writing was just a bit off and they were just a bit too... emotional.  It was hilarious.  Betrayal!  The horror!  I enjoyed it, flaws and all.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Korean Movie Night: Socialphobia 소셜포비아 (2015) Korean

Byun Yo Han, Lee Joo Seung, Ha Yoon Kyung, Ryu Jun Yeol

Movie Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A

We finally had another Korean Movie Night, and we were trying to decide what to watch.  We were thinking of watching Chingu, but weren't in the mood for sad, but somehow that message didn't get all the way through to Lizabreff who suggested Socialphobia.  I was thinking more on the lines of thriller so we all agreed, and then didn't consider that this was still going to mess with our heads.  It was a thriller, but more of a psychological one.  It was freaking messed up, and left us feeling weird.  That's not to say it wasn't good.  It was amazing, but that was because it was so real.  This is the world we live in.  A world where people troll people on the internet because it doesn't seem real, and they don't realize the consequences of what will happen.  People's lives are ruined.  People die.  It was an amazing show of the consequences of social media and cyber bullying.  It was sick.  It was also an interesting paced movie.  Since all the action was literally online, it had the effect of being both boring and stressful.  Curdy couldn't handle the stress part, but I was also having problems staying away.  It was a lot of reading, a lot of silence, and very tense all at once.  A very interesting movie, but not for the faint at heart, or the short attention span.  It probably messed me up more than Chingu would have, but I still loved it.  It's gritty and real, from the fact that no one is a good person, but no one is a bad person.  From the fact that this is how messy life is, and how all our actions have consequences.  It was brilliant and not a fun watch, but a good watch.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

289. I'm Not a Robot 로봇이 아니야 (2017) Korean

Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, Uhm Ki Joon

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A

I'm so lazy, I'm finally writing the post for this like what, a week after the fact?  Oh well.  Still having computer issues.  I really loved this show though.  It was cute, and fluffy, and full of heart.  I loved almost every single character and was rooting for them.  What was there not to love when I had my puppy Yoo Seung Ho, who was overly lovable in this, one of my favorite girls Chae Soo Bin, and naturally my Grumpy Cat (Uhm Ki Joon)?  Also the ensemble was great and included more favorites, including Kang Ki Young, Eom Hyo Seop, and Seo Dong Won (although he was a bit frustrating at first).  Everyone did a great job and exceeded my expectations.

I'll admit I first got excited about this drama, it was because Dong Ha was supposed to be the lead.  I absolutely love him, while I didn't have any particular feelings about Yoo Seung Ho, although he's a cute puppy.  Grumpy Cat made me watch it anyway, but I had no problems with the leads once I started the show.  This role was made for Yoo Seung Ho.  He was perfect.  The perfect combo of awkward, innocent, cute and naive/prickly.  The cutest lonely boy with trust issues ever.  He stole the rest of the show for me that though I still loved Grumpy Cat so much, he was so clearly not the guy that I couldn't even mourn for him... but there was little reason to.  Things turned out just perfect in all aspects.  What a bunch of cute nerds!

I was also really impressed with Chae Soo Bin's robot acting abilities.  She was so very clearly two different people, one the actual robot and then the human girl it was based on.  Even when there were memory overlaps it was pretty impressive to see her be both.  Although it was weird to see her literally be both, like interacting in the same shot.  Weird.  Whatever, the show was good, I loved it and looked forward to watching it every week.  Fun and cute.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

285. 20th Century Boy and Girl 20세기 소년소녀 (2017) Korean

Kim Ji Suk, Han Ye Seul, Lee Sang Woo, Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung, Lee Sang Hee, An Se Ha, Oh Sang Jin

Drama Rating: 9/10     Neck Score: A+++

How is Kim Ji Suk so perfect?  I was like crying at the end of every episode because it wasn't fair that he was so cute and sweet and sexy and perfect, and I really just couldn't handle it and he needs to be a male lead from now on!  You probably know by now that Kim Ji Suk is one of my favorite actors of all time.  I've taken to calling him "My Husband."  But he was not the only reason that this show was so wonderful.  Basically it was because of everyone.  There were very few people we didn't like.  In fact, they were all bit parts like: the creepy taxi driver, the evil Deasi Patch reporter, that mean rival actress from the beginning, and Young Shim's dad.  Everyone else was awesome.  I would literally marry any other of the male characters, including Jin Jin's CEO.  He was a nice guy, and I loved it!

I loved all three of our couples!  I might have gotten the most excited about Ah Reum and Jung Woo Sung, because they were so cute and funny!  Also, they were so different and really good at working through those differences.  Like a perfect case of opposites attracting and working out just fine.  I loved the cute lawyer sunbae with cute/weird drinking habits!  So cute!  Cutest drunk ever!  And naturally I loved everything about Ji Won and Jin Jin, even if they took forever to get together when compared with the electrifying and enormous amounts of chemistry they had.  It's surprising no fires started with all those sparkly eyes they made at each other!  The whole time the love triangle was happening, I would be like: Anthony, you're great, but you're not the guy.  But I was hoping something good would happen to him still.  In fact, his story might have been one of my favorites, because of a good cameo!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

278. Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도 (2017) Korean

Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Jae Wook

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A+

This one took me a long time to finish.  We started out watching it together, but soon it was put on the back burner because there were many things we would rather watch.  It got so bad that finally I asked them if I could just finish it without them.  They were totally fine with it.  So I did.  Even then, I struggled though it, because it was too, I don't know how to say it, predictable?  We all knew how it was going to end, and it wasn't going to be happy for everyone.  They all knew how it was going to end, but they still had to fight over the girl.  Yeah, maybe they all got stronger for it, but I really didn't like seeing them fight all the time.  I was really invested in the bromance, so for Kim Jae Wook to try and shake the couple, when he was the only one who was going to be hurt was just not fun for me to watch, no matter how beautiful he is.  I was also in it for the other couples as well, although I have to say I shipped the sou chef with the sommelier.  Team sommelier forever!!!!  But my favorite couple was the assistant director and writer.  I wanted there to be way more of them.

However, all that aside, I did like how there was lots of character growth, and yeah, it was a painful process that made me take this show a lot slower, I liked how they learned from all the painful experiences.  They all had to come to terms with something that was holding them back from progressing and being happy, and they were all able to grow through that.  None of the characters ended up where they started, really.  Characters that I thought were going to be the worst ended up being fine, or great.  I don't think I hated anyone.  That's always a plus.  I thought I was going to hate some people when they were first introduced, but then, when we saw a more well rounded side on them, we didn't hate them, and that was cool.  Like the mom (who is my bae) or the director.

By the end of the show, when all the relationships (the bromance) were back where they should be and maybe stronger than ever, I was super happy and had that cheesy grin on my face as everyone was being cute together, and I had to admit that this show wasn't half bad and that while I didn't feel like watching it a lot of the time, it was still pretty solid.  You just have to be ready for a lot of angry/sad talking and a lot of misunderstandings and mopiness.  Not my favorite things, but whatever.  That's how these characters grew, I suppose.