Saturday, May 11, 2019

332. Never Let You Go 小女花不弃 (2019) Chinese

Ariel Lin, Vin Zhang, Ausitn Lin, Tiara Huang

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A+++

I am at the point where I will watch anything for Vin Zhang and I need to stop, because while he is awesome, not all his dramas are. Also, he is usually the broody second male lead who never has a chance. That's why I was so excited for this one. He was the male lead and he wasn't an evil broody one either (not that he didn't have his broody moments, but those are hot, so I wasn't complaining about a few). To make it even better, Ariel Lin is the lead, and I love her, so I was really excited for this one. But, in true C-drama fashion, the drama took some drastic turns to the point that it became completely unrecognizable by the end. But the redeeming quality was that the main couple is cute beyond all reason. Yes, I watched just for them, but it was too long a drama for just that. There was sadly not enough main couple being cute scenes. I would watch 50 episodes of just that, if they'd let us. But no, they didn't do that. There really might only be 5 episodes worth of good content. Sigh.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

337. I Hate You, Juliet 너 미워! 줄리엣 (2019) Korean

Lee Hong Ki, Jung Hye Sung, Choi Woong

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A-

This was a ho hum drama. It didn't really do much and didn't have a lot to say for itself. It was shorter, 18 episodes that were only about 20 minutes long, so not a lot was bound to happen and of course what little did happen would be resolved super fast. But it had good ideas that just never went anywhere. If it weren't for the fact that I love Hong Ki and Hye Sung, I probably wouldn't have started it and definitely wouldn't have finished it. As it was I forgot I was watching it all the time and only when I was bored flipping through shows and it happened to be there did I remember it existed. So, it's not like I hated it or anything, it was just very forgettable.

Friday, May 3, 2019

336. He is Psychometric 사이코메트리 그녀석 (2019) Korean

Park Jin Young, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Da Som

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+

I love the balance between romance, healing, and thriller that this show had. It was good. I got really invested in all the characters, which then meant that I was going to be put through the ringer so that all my emotions were tested and I just still can't get over it. It was good... [bursts into tears again]. For something that was so deeply emotional and traumatic (for both the characters and me) it wrapped up really well too. It told the story well and had really good character development and plot twists that didn't come out of nowhere, we could see hints of them, if you paid attention, but they were still shocking and stuff. Like and good balance of set up and surprise.

I don't even know what to say about it (without massive spoilers?) but I loved it and you should all watch it.

Monday, April 29, 2019

323. 100 Days My Prince 백일의 낭군님 (2018) Korean

Do Kyung Soo, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Sun Ho, Cho Seong Ha, Jo Han Chul

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+

This one might have been the one I missed the most when DF suddenly disappeared from our lives. I was fully invested in these cuties and there were only like 4 or 6 episodes left (I watched them super far apart, I don't remember exactly). I had even been looking forward to the episodes, waiting for them to be posted, but they kept saying they had been delayed. This was the drama that I had been trying to watch when it all went down. But it was also the only drama that, as far as I know, still isn't on a legitimate site, sketchy! Like all the others, it suffered from the lack of momentum when I finally got back to watching it. I took too long to just break down and find a whatever site to watch it on, which is why I watched it in several different instances, taking forever. It was that part of the show when everything was going to get complicated too, so it was hard jumping right into the sad or lonely episodes. But, it was so worth it still. I can confidently give it the score I did, because it's super cute and fun. Great blend of the cute of a sageuk (historical) and the political drama that is every sageuk.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

322. Devilish Joy 마성의 기쁨 (2018) Korean

Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ha Yoon, Hoya, Lee Joo Yeon

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A+

I was literally in the middle of an episode of this when the horrific tragedy of Drama Fever's demise happened. It wasn't one of the shows that I missed the most, but I definitely wanted to finish it before I stopped caring about the characters for the sad mopey episodes. But sadly, that's what happened. I only had like 6ish episodes left, but even when it became available on Viki, it still took me forever to finish them. I was down to 2.5 episodes when I just forced myself to make it a priority and finish it. So, it was hard to give it an honest rating, really. I feel like a 6 is probably what it deserves, but based on how much I struggled here at the end, my initial reaction would have been a 4. But really, 6 is probably more accurate... right?

I mean, I knew what I was getting into right away. Stories where the heroes get a terminal illness in the first 2 episodes aren't going to end happy. If they do, then they're not going to end realistically. Some times they just Uncontrollably Fond you in the gut and you have to be okay with that sort of ending. This was completely set up for another Uncontrollably Fond. Why did I do it to myself? Same reason. Choi Jin Hyuk is hot and Song Ha Yoon is adorable. Also, Hoya stole the show. He plays the perfect spoiled chaebol puppy. You love him, but he's also an idiot who can't live without his mom's money.

This isn't really a spoiler when most of you aren't interested or have finished this long ago, right? Right...

334. The Fiery Priest 열혈사제 (2019) Korean

Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Ha Nui, Go Joon, Keum Sae Rok

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+

I don't know if I've ever had a drama that's stressed me out this much. I loved it, but I also was so worried about half the characters all the time, especially since the bad guys were just so bad. Like they really made them kick puppies. Like, they made them hurt children, and priests, and puppy priests, and really nice people. Also, half the characters that you know are supposed to be good guys are working for the bad guys. This was a corruption crime drama on steroids. It reminded me a lot of Lawless Lawyer, with the level of corruption, etc., but with a much larger comedy element. Even the bad guys were comedic, just not when they were killing people, etc. Also, we don't get the romance because, well, he's a priest. Waste of some good chemistry, but it's not about that. But what it doesn't have in romance is made up with some epic bromances.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

I Was Sleepless in the DMV: My Epik High Adventures

I live in a not exciting rural part of the U.S., so when Kpop groups announce their World Tours, I usually don't have any chance of them being close at all. So, Lizabreff, Curdy, and I started what I now call "Destination K-pop" where we travel to new cities to see concerts and also play tourists. It's more expensive, yes, but we also get out of our state and see new things we would have less of an excuse to see. All the things! This is how I've finally got to see Los Angeles, Las Vegas (although I'd been there plenty times before), Chicago, Dalles, Philadelphia, and now, Washington, DC.

So, when Epik High announced their European Tour, I almost ended up buying tickets to their Amsterdam or Helsinki concerts. They were even during my spring break. But then my car died and I couldn't justify spending THAT much money (someday). But my obsession with Epik High made me almost bite that bullet, but instead the best news came of their North American tour.

They were even asking where to go. Best news ever. I don't think I have snatched up tickets that fast.

Considering the time when they announced the tour to the time the tickets were on sale anyway. I'm a history nerd, so the thought of going to see Epik High AND all the Smithsonian museums was too much to pass up. So I jumped on my next destination K-pop adventure and was quite sleepless in the DMV.