Tuesday, May 2, 2017

252. Across the Ocean to See You 漂洋过海来看你 (2017) Chinese

Zhu Ya Wen, Wang Li Kun, Ye Qing, Denny Huang, Wang Yan Lin, Gao Yang

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: B

This show gets full marks for a super great OTP, but it has some serious flaws along with it.  Such as how ridiculous some of the makjang was.  I started it because the main dude looked absolutely adorable, and he was.  He's the perfect combo of goofy and manly, comedic and sexy.  I loved watching their relationship develop.  But there were plenty of other relationships in the show that I didn't care so much about... just kidding, only one.  I liked the little brother/little sister relationship, especially since we got to see them grow and mature as well.  Tang Guoguo was absolutely annoying at the start, but was great by the end.  I hated her when she was being immature and chasing after our main guy, Zheng Chu, but loved her when she was being pursued by our main girl, Su Mang's little brother Su Chang.  The couple, or rather love triangle, that I didn't care for the most was the best friend and his harem of sisters.  It caused all the worst parts of the drama... well besides the cancer aunt who was super dubbed.  Cancer is just never cool.  Anyway, this Tang Ming guy was so wishy washy and rebellious that he really caused all these problems.  Can't just tell the bitca no, because he didn't want to hurt her, but really not clearly rejecting someone hurts more in the end, which is kind of where this side plot went.  To the ultimate end, filled with way too much crying and regret.  It was way dramatic and extreme most of the time.  But when he and the right sister were being cute together, it was adorable, but most of the time it was misunderstandings and him being a chicken butt.  Super lame.  Way too much time spent on that love triangle.  Then there is the cancer aunt.  She was so hateful to me at first that I would 10 sec skip passed her scenes.  But by the end, she is literally one of the only people doing anything right, making sure the couple gets back together (after tearing them apart).  It was ridiculous.  Really.  It got super contrived at the end, which is not a far stretch, because the whole basis is contrived, but the relationships were all fairly organic at first, that the little magical wrap up at the end was silly.  Well, the whole last third of the show was people trying to talk them into getting back together before harsh lessons has to do the trick.  How many lives full of regret do you have to see before you make sure you don't have the same regrets, Su Mang and Zheng Chu?  Well, apart from the episodes at the end dedicated to too much drama and crying, I liked this show.  It was the sort that I couldn't stop watching and pretty much turned on every time I had a minute to spare.  That why I could burn through all 44 episodes in like a week and a half.  It was definitely crack.  That main couple gave me all the feels!  Squeals.

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