Wednesday, March 29, 2017

241. Defendant 피고인 (2017) Korean

Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, Kwan Yuri, Oh Chang Suk, Uhm Hyun Kyung

Drama Rating: 9/10     Neck Score: A

Woah.  What can I say besides "this show was amazing?"  I loved it so much.  It's mosaic structure at the beginning was great, as we flashed between the past and present and Ji Sung not being able to remember anything.  He was amazing.  I also loved Grumpy Cat.  Well, I loved to hate Grumpy Cat in this, while also just loving him.  He is just so good at what he does.  He plays such well rounded villains.  Even when they really aren't well rounded individuals.  Seriously though, how did he make me feel for him and despise him at the same time.  He was a horrible, psychopathic evil dude, who also just wanted to be loved.  To be normal.  To have everything he was always denied (from his perspective).  How did he make me cry at one moment and then rage scream the next?  Darn it, Grumpy Cat!  I love you, man!  Then we have a huge cast of just the best and worst people ever.  It was always fun to see how the best people in this show were the people in prison.  I loved the cellmate bromance between all 6 of those men.  They were the best.  There were so many good twists and turns in this show.  It always kept me excited.  Then, when I thought I couldn't handle another episode with another truck of doom, or another perjury ruining everything, they twisted the normal tropes and made me laugh.  Optimus Cheol Sik for the win!  It had the right amount of drama, intensity, tears, and humor.  Just the way I like it.  I felt all the emotions.  It had a stellar cast, mostly.  Even the less good peeps were passable.  Loved that it was not about romance, although I would have been fine with the brother-in-law and lawyer hooking up.  I loved the one side couple that did happen, but that is a story for those that see it.  Once again, it was amazing, and I loved it.


  1. I loved this show, too. Your grumpy cat really made me sad because his father was horrible, just an absolutely terrible man. He didn't care about either of his sons just that company of his. I loved the bromance. The prison guys were a hoot, but also so supportive of each other. And Ji Sung. He is an amazing actor. Some of the episodes were so (too) painful for me to watch because I felt as though I was prying into someone's real pain and was rude for watching it unfold. I hope they do not forget him during award season. I have two gripes. To me, there was no narrative need to kill off Sung Gyu. Also, I thought Joon Hyk got off easy. Jung-Woo is a better person than me because there is no way I could have forgiven him. I find him worse than grumpy cat because Min-Ho was never his friend. They were best friends. He spent time at his house. His daughter loves him and misses him, and yet . . .Sigh. This was an excellent show.

    1. I agree with all of that! I hated that piece of Sseuregi "best friend" WAY worse than grumpy cat. He was just so dumb. Those jailbirds were way better friends than he was. Cause he was the worst. The dad was also horrible and the cause of all if it, really.

      Ji Sung is just the best. He did make it so painful and real it was hard to watch. I was heavy. It was painful. It was wonderful!