Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Flower Boy Bromance: Nicknames of Hwarang

Hwarang was a beautifully ridiculous show full of beautiful men.  It wasn't the worst fusion sageuk that I've seen, but it definitely wasn't great.  It was enjoyable, but only when it was being what it was, a bunch of flower boys being typical boys.  It was also full of gratuitousness, like the frequent, unnecessary shower scenes.

#Blessings.  But it was good when it was not taking itself serious, because there was no way that I was taking it serious, so when it got serious, it was lame.  Boring really.  But maybe not Nightwatchman bad.  At least it wasn't a supernatural/fantasy sageuk.  But as silly as it was, it spurred us to creating a bunch of nicknames for the collection of cast members.

Ke Se/ Park Seo Joon

Let's be honest, more often than not, I just called people by their names.  But since the character's only real name was Ke Se, we also just called him that.  He was pretty great, and we were all obsessed with him, so we really called him Seo Joon most.

Pyeontae Paeha/Hyungsik

He was such a pyeontae when he was hanging around Go Ara.  But he was also the Paeha, so we called him the Pyeontae Paeha as well.  But mostly we just called him Hyungsik or Pyeontae.  I liked him way better when he was part of the bromance when when he was being a pyeontae following her around.  Bros before hoes?  I did prefer pyeontae to mopey paeha.  At least he was pretty regardless.

Poo Butt

How did this happen?  Min Ho used to be an unreasonable dislike, and now I love him!  He was one of my favorite characters in this, because he was so funny, and his forever nickname (now a term of endearment) is as always Poo Butt.

Pissy Face/ Poo Butt Jr.

Ban Ryu became Pissy Face, because he always looked like he had a stick up his butt.  Then, after his fell in love (bromance and romance) and he had to start having conflicting feelings all the time he became the poo butt of the piece, so we called him Poo Butt Jr., especially since he and Poo Butt had my favorite bromance of the piece.

Stoner/ BTS Boy

He is just a space cadet, like all the time.  So we started calling him Stoner.  And as always, we have to call the idols by their band names, especially when we don't really know them by name as much as by what band they are from.

Flower Boy/ Little Gay Boy

He is the flower boy.  He's in most of the Flower Boys series, and he is an amazing actor.  He also played the really pretty boy of the group, to the point where we assumed he might just be gay.  That wouldn't be the first time he's played that ambiguous type role (cough cough Flower Boy Ramen Shop).

Love a good ambiguous gay joke.

Bat Shiz

That queen was batshiz crazy.  Enough said.

Bat Shiz.2

Cray Cray Obsessive Bitca really lived up to both her name and her parentage, as she was maybe even more annoying than her mom.  So annoying she became Batshiz.2 (not even enough to be 2.0, just .2).  So annoying.

Sexy Bad Guy

Mmmmm, he's sexy.  But I hate how he killed all the people I loved, or tried to.  Kwang Soo!

Leather Jacket/Crazy Dad

As much as I love this sexy ahjussi, he was bad news in this.  He was caught up in too much lame drama with Batshiz, and was always on the verge of going crazy and wanting revenge.  Good thing I was watching Laurel Tree Tailors at the same time so I could remember how much I really love Leather Jacket.  That is probably why we called him Leather Jacket, because that is how Lizabreff and Curdy knew him as in Laurel Tree Tailors.  I also recommend him in I Remember You.

Poo Butt's Sister

I loved her, she was so cute and fun.  I also think they did a good job of casting her visually, because she looks enough like Poo Butt, in my opinion.

Also, she handles her brother so well.


BTS Boy's hyung was so cute.  I've loved this actor since Plus Nine Boys.  He also really killed it when... you know... he killed it... I've never seen him show that much emotion before.  He did a great job.  Also, his attitude with Seo Joon was just great.

Dong Il

We're on first name basis now, because I love him so much.  I couldn't call him anything else.  He's the best no matter what he is in.


He'll never outlive his Boarding House 24 days.  Not when his characters are not that different.  "Heol!"


You can never move on from Gaksital.  Never.  Especially not when Joo Won kicks him across the room.



I loved him in this, but I was reminded the most of his Reply 1988 role, so we called him the Principal in this.

Cheese Butt

So hateful.  He was also flipping crazy.  Everything about him was annoying and well, like a cheese butt.  It just came out one day, as we were watching this.  I usually call people names while watching, and it just stuck.  Cheese Butt was the worst.  Yuck.

Club Foot

This ahjussi has a sexy voice.  Unfortunately he was a little annoying in this, since he mostly was caught up in the political drama that was boring and lame.  So we just called him Club foot because he, well, had a club foot.  Whatever.

This had a lot of nickname worthy characters, for good or bad, but that was one of the things that made this show fun.  Even when we were hating on Bat Shiz(.2) or Cheese Butt.  That doesn't say anything about the quality of the show, just the enjoyability of the characters and making fun of them.  It was fun to watch and mess with, which is why I had a term for pretty much everyone.  It was just like that.  Here is another #blessing for you

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