Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just a Moment of Cuteness with Louie-ya

So maybe I just needed to make this post so I could post these gifs that I made to be more shareable for Lizabreff's birthday, but since Louie is going to be mopey soon, or at least more dramatic, I wanted to relive some of the cuteness for a bit, because Louie.

This show is so delightful, so I just wanted to show some love before it might make me change my mind.  Hopefully not.

This show is awesome because of all the relationships.  The romance and the bromances.  Such as the previously shown dynamic between him and Oska.

The Puppy Boys are my personal favorite.  Aka Louie and Jo In Seong.

Or maybe just Louie himself.

This one is just for you, Lizabreff:

Louie and his butler were also the best, I am looking forward to them reuniting and being a team again.

But really the romance is just one of the cutest I've seen in a long while.  They were cute and skinshippy from day one.

The moments they fell for each other were perfect too.  The first time she saw him cleaned up,

or the moment she saved him from a bug.

And then when they're really in love and together, they are just too adorable, to the extent that you just keep craving more and more.

So I really hope this mopey nonsense doesn't last that long, and our puppy couple will be together for much longer, and fill us full of our adorable puppy feels.

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