Monday, June 6, 2016

212. Thumping Spike 두근두근 스파이크 (2016) Korean

Hwang Seung Eon, Song Jae Rim, Lee Tae Hwan

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A++

I shouldn't be allowed to watch sports dramas, haha.  I have to admit I watched this one purely to the eye candy.  It was way too long for that reason.  I mean, Rim and Puppy were super hot, as well as all the other volleyball players, but the plot was so drawn out.  I don't care about sports enough and to me all sports shows are exactly alike.  We have the underdog team who are last place.  We have the star athlete who is down on her luck because of an injury.  We have the romance between the athlete and the star player of the team which starts out as a love/hate relationship.  We have administration who wants to abolish the team.  Sound familiar?  It's the plot of every single sports show ever.  I did like how she had to be the coach because she beat up Puppy in the men's room.  I also liked how even though he was a high schooler, Rim was not a minor.  Although making him 20 was a stretch.  He was way too sexy and savvy to be 20.  Like knowing how to kiss, etc.  He also acted very oppa around her, like he couldn't turn off the fact that he's older than her in real life.  The representative of the company was super gross and smarmy and they couldn't make up their minds whether he and his secretary were completely bad or not.  But he was shudder nasty every time he was on the screen.  We watched it all in one sitting, which was a mistake because I increasingly would stop caring with each episode.  Also, it increasingly got cheesier every episode, up until that amazing fly through the air spike that brought them to victory, because that is how every sports drama ends too.  At least the actors did a good job.  Really the only thing that got us through this show was how cute all the boys were and the fact that we were live tweeting it and it was hilarious.