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Drama of the Tropes: My Mii Reenactments of Kdrama Stereotypes

Recently, my friends got me addicted to Miitomo.  It's a hilarious social media type app where your Mii avatars can make friends with your real life friend's Mii avatars, ask each other questions, change clothes, play games to win more clothes, and then you can take pictures of your Mii.  Yeah, you can take pictures of your Mii doing all sorts of things.

Couples Outfits

It started with me making a Mii boyfriend, Kwang Soo, to be in my pictures with me, and then I started recreating famous drama stereotypes with my Mii.

So in this drama, the main girl is played my Mii, Mar, and my male lead is Lee Kwang Soo.

Kwang Soo is a chaebol who treats Mar like a jerk because she is poor.

But then he find himself suddenly attracted to her because she is plucky.

And then somehow he manages to make Mar like him with his possessive, Tsundere ways.

In between these main plot points, several other things must happen first.

Mar is a hard working, spunky poor girl.  She works ridiculous day jobs.

Probably to afford that top of the line handphone.

And of course she has no time for love... and is super awkward when love comes to find her through the willful advances of the chaebol, Kwang Soo.

Kwang Soo wouldn't ever be able to admit that he liked Mar without the help of an accidental kiss.  People are such klutzes that they always fall on other people's lips, right?

This gives Kwang Soo and Mar a clue as to their attraction to each other.  After that, Kwang Soo is ready to date Mar, but she is still super awkward about it... and everything else, as proven by her denial of a relationship when caught by her best friend, Lizabreff.

We know that it's a real relationship because of how petty the bickering is, and how much they put up with each other's ridiculous whims.

This story, of course, would be incomplete without a Love Triangle.  The second male lead is played by Kim Ji Suk, who is so ridiculously nice that everyone falls in love with him and wishes that he would be a male lead someday.

The jealousy caused by this love triangle leads to many wrist grabs:

And water slaps, this time by our bitca (who happens to be played by Curdy, but only because she had the best outfit for it that day- don't hate me Curdy!!!).

But so used to getting his way, and good at the art of awkward flirting, our male lead woos undauntingly, with Secret Garden Sit-ups:

Because your face getting close is always sexy.

Drunken piggybacks:

And dramatically staring at each other from across the street while sappy OSTs are playing:

All this falling in love finally leads to an open-eyed first kiss in episode 10-12, where Kwang Soo totally kisses normal, but Mar looks like she's in shock for days.

And then they go on an obligatory trip to the sea, where they run around, play in the sand, and barely ever get wet, but definitely show off how cute they are now that they are finally dating.

They probably end up having to stay the night in some halmoni's spare room.

Then the shiz hits the fan.  Kwang Soo get's hit by a car and get's amnesia.

After days of crying and feeling unloved, all the sudden, Mar is back hugged as Kwang Soo finally remembers that they are in love.  She is totes ok with this.

Even though there are still many road blocks to their love, they have grown so mature through their suffering.  Mar feels so loved and protected by Kwang Soo now.  Especially when he kisses her forehead.

Then Mar finds out she has cancer.  She tries to keep it from Kwang Soo, but he finds out anyway. 

But because it's just liver cancer, she gets a transplant surgery and everything is fine.

Then comes the epic proposal and confession scene.  It's a big event that totally surprises her and she is so happy.

And she and Kwang Soo live happily ever after.

And Kwang Soo and Ji Suk become friends and have a bromance that is even more beautiful than the romance.

If there are any more Kdrama tropes that you would like to see reenacted by a Mii, let me know.  I will totes be happy to recreate some more, and would also love more ideas that I haven't thought of yet.

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