Monday, March 7, 2016

More K-Dreamland Adventures with Marlubs and Lizabreff: Hello 2016 Dreams!

So far 2016 has been good to us in the K-dream department.  So many good dreams featuring our favorite K-pop and K-drama stars.  Apparently there is nothing more validating and helpful than a superstar K-pop group telling us we are awesome and amazing, or having a K-superstar saving us from gangsters.

Hurray for the best kinds of dreams.

February 3
2/3, 11:47am


In my dream these gangsters had captured one of us and I had to help them. It was a famous kid though.

And Kwang Soo was helping me and my mom rescue this kid.


2/3, 11:48am

We ended up having to climb out a window and run for it.

And Kwang Soo dressed up as a girl to help us.

Then he had to go back for his guitar so mom, dad and I just had to keep running, and we ended up running past a new pretty building, it was supposed to be the [nearby city] pretty building (no such building exists in that city), and then around some mountains, only then the only way back was the way we came.

But I woke up before we got home.

I'd like to think that Kwang Soo found us and drove us home, but since the dream ended I can't say he did.

2/3, 11:51am

I like it (well besides the part where you're getting chased). Kwang Soo should frequent your dreams more often.

2/3, 11:53am

I agree.

February 19
2/19, 7:10am

I had the most amazing Bigbang dream of my life

I  was at a function, but we were at a creek bed and I kept on helping people and felt unnoticed and under-appreciated.

All of a sudden, we're at a big college or something like Harvard and everyone is doing group stuff, but I don't have a group

It's kind of in a ghetto town so I'm nervous about walking around by myself

So, I finally decide to do it, and I go off and find some of the group

They're taking a group pic in front of some Harvard(?) signs and I decide to go with them into this museum.

The museum's kind of outdated, with hologram pictures of important people (doing what, I'm not sure, but there was some kind of theme involved)

Anyway, I turn a corner and I see a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on the wall, but he's got G-Dragon seaweed hair.

I laughed unsure if that was correct, but he's featured right next to Park Bom with GD's seaweed hair too!

2/19, 7:22am

I freak out, because I love that Leo is imitating GD, only I turn around and there's this kind of sequestered off table from the exhibit, and GD's sitting there with a red leather jacket with zippers and fairly normal black hair, a little on the long side of a short hair cut, parted down the middle. He's smiling and nodding that I made the connection of the stars on the wall.

2/19, 7:24am

I am able to get over there, and I start talking to him, mostly saying one word Korean phrases I know, and GD kindly correcting me on a couple of phrases.

Seungri comes over and does something silly, and I try and say the word for cool, and mess it up, but GD helps me say it correctly.

By then, TOP comes over, and I can see Taeyang close to the table. GD and Seungri and I are speaking in a pseudo Korean/English between us. Then all of a sudden, Seungri spouts off some fluent Spanish, and GD's nodding like he understands.

I respond in Spanish, and they're impressed. I like the praise, so even subconsciously, I try to get more praise by asking them if they speak German in German.

2/19, 7:30am

Appreciative oohs commenced. There are more of my group who are noticing what I'm doing, and they come over. The bigger crowd makes Bigbang a little uneasy, and I know this is my chance to document this moment. I ask them if I can get a selca with them, but I don't have a phone with a camera (like real life).
2/19, 7:33am

By the time I ask someone to take a picture of us, they are kind of scattered, and I am hoping that I can get all of them in the picture. I stand up and Bigbang and their manager? who is somehow my same height when she's standing on the table, freak out about my height. All of a sudden, I get a tight back hug from someone.

2/19, 7:35am

It's Taeyang, and he's got his face in my hair sniffing my hair. I'm a little alarmed, but I tell him to come out from behind me so that we can take the picture. He keeps back hugging me and I poke tickle him to get him off. He laughs and protests, but comes over. I make sure to make eye contact with TOP, so he comes over and puts his arm around me for a picture. Seungri's on the other side.

2/19, 7:36am

I think all of Bigbang were there for the picture, but I wasn't sure. I was kind of fixated on TOP at the moment.

I am flustered (probably because TOP's face is like inches from mine, so he could hear what I was saying). But still!

Anyway, I was thanking them profusely for talking and taking a picture with me.

By this point in the dream, TOP can converse in English pretty well, but he does have an accent. An adorable one by the way.

He mentions something like we all share the planet and are human beings, so why wouldn't he want to take a picture with me. I'm pretty sure little hearts are coming out of my eyes at this point.

But I counter with, "But you're an idol!" and then he tells me, "You're an attractive, amazing woman"

And he brushes my cheek with a kiss.

By now I know it's a dream and I am waking up, but I remember thinking as I was willing the dream to continue "Thank you, dream TOP, for validating me when I was so down and depressed in my dream."

By now the picture has been taken, and I saw that Teayang and GD were out in front of a crowd of some sort, beckoning for TOP and Seungri to come

(It was like I was seeing the stage from the side from the backstage)

Anyways, I had to share so I didn't forget that awesomeness.

2/19, 7:48am

Woah that is a seriously detailed dream. Awesome, though!

2/19, 7:49am

P.S. I forgot to say, but I could tell that Taeyang was noticeably shorter than me when he back hugged me, and I remembered thinking that as he did it. Like not a midget, but his face barely fit in crook of my neck. 

P.P.S. TOP was taller than me by about 3-4 inches. I was glorious.

P.P.P.S Where the crap was Daesung? I didn't distinctly see his face in the dream, so I don't know if he was there or not. But I'm not sure.

2/19, 7:49am


2/19, 9:42am

That sounded like a dream come true.

February 22
2/22, 10:05am

I just had a crazy and epic dream.

I was I'm the middle of some kind of mystery or something and I was the picked on hero

All the other girls were super mean to me and the the ones who weren't evil were tricked into hating me.

I finally got one of them to accept me by cleaning up the misunderstanding that we had the same SuJu bias.

She was in love with Yesung and thought I was trying to steal him, but I finally was able to tell her I liked Heechul and if I didn't love Heechul I'd love Ryeowook.

A photo posted by Yesung (@yesung1106) on

Then she finally let me have a place to sleep.

Then there was a big rush to steal this key from me but I was finally able to get it and all the other copies to this which doctor dude who was supposed to tell me whether it was fake or no

But this evil chicken tried to steal something while he was looking at my keys, so I chased it down and it happened to be a pair of chicken feet.

Then this is of started playing and I started dancing with a gross chicken skeleton. It still had all the feathers.

But this all impressed the witch doctor so he decided to help me.

But then I woke up.

Haha, I love how these interactions show how late I get out of bed.... hehehe.

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