Saturday, December 12, 2015

183. Nine Seconds - Eternal Time 9초-영원의 시간 (2015) Korean

Lee Joo Seung, Na Hae Ryeong, Lee Jae Hyeong, Mina Fujii, Park Lydia

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A

I wanted this to be special, because I love Lee Joo Seung.  I literally only watched it to see what he would do with a lead role.  But this drama was blase at best.  So we've got a angry transplanted girl from Seoul who is now in the country, where her mom ignores her because of her new job.  Then you have a quirky boy next door photographer.  All good until you make that quirky photographer boy have an eye disease that is slowly making him go blind.  Boo.  Then you throw in every other trope, like the evil mom who is ignoring her one minute, and then telling her to never see that boy again, because you know, blind boys are bad boys.  Then you have car accidents, comas, and dreams.  And a magic camera which makes everything better... maybe?  All this in seven 15 minute episodes.  You can see why I'm not impressed.  I think I was playing games on my phone the whole time I watched it.  Things I actually liked: Lee Joo Seung's acting.  His easy-going, matter-of-fact, quirky character was likable.  I liked Na Hae Ryeong's character too.  She wasn't the typical Seoul brat.  She just had typical change issues.  I liked how their friendship and romance blossomed, even though it was pretty typical too, it was still nice and less forced.  It had it's cute moments.  The ending was weird though.  A little too opened ended, especially for a seven episoder.  Did they even try?  Did they try too hard?  Shrug.

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