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Marlubs and Lizabreff (and Dongsaeng)'s Adventures: We MADE it to Vegas and saw BIGBANG!

Here it is, more than two weeks after that glorious weekend, and I am finally writing about it.  It all makes sense when I tell you how much work I had to put into being able to leave in the first place (like bribing coworkers) and how much catch up I did when I got back.  That is what grad school plus work will do to you.  Especially when I still wanted to play with my sister before she left.

But this was really a dream trip for us all.  Lizabreff and I went to the 2012 Alive Galaxy Tour in LA, so this was like part 2 of our BIGBANG adventures, but this was my Donsaeng's first Kpop concert, so it was like my first time all over again watching her be super excited and taking her fan girling to the next level.  Also, it was perfect because we all have our biases that we are obsessed with, so that gives me a good coverage of the concert from at least 3 bias views: G-Dragon, T.O.P and Daesung.

And yes, we went to ridiculous lengths to protect... our identities?  I guess that's what we're doing... Lizabreff wanted to (blame everything on her for the ridiculous stickers and photoshop that I didn't try to make look good at all... haha).  And these bias expressions are pretty much the same as our actual expressions anyway.

So because of work and scheduling, we couldn't leave until Friday, the actual day of the concert.  And because I wanted more sleep (from working late) and Lizabreff takes forever to leave anywhere (what, it's the truth) we didn't leave early at all.  Like not at all, at all.

It was raining when we left, which was nice because my car doesn't have AC.  I know, kill us before we reach the Vegas heat.  Naturally we blasted Kpop the entire time.

We also ate half a bear of animal crackers.

Lizabreff: @marlubsgd We're such road tripping animals. #vegasorbust #bigbangmadeinlasvegas

It was so hot we had to stop for Milkshakes 2/3 of the way there.  But the clouds were really pretty.

I had to drive the whole time because Lizabreff's foot was still recovering, and Dongsaeng didn't know the area well.  And then neither of them wanted to attempt driving in Vegas (the sillies) but it was my car anyway.

We arrived in Vegas at last!  It was a good thing I was driving because Lizabreff was freaking out just telling me where to go.  Also, Dongsaeng was having lots of fun taking pictures.

We stayed at Excalibur, which looks like a castle on the outside, which is exciting, but is the same trashy casino hotel on the inside.  Whatever.  That's the special smell that only casinos can have.  That smokey, stale, rancid, filtered type deal.  I forgot that smell.  It's been too long since I've visited Nevada.

Our view from the room.

Anyway, we really arrived with just enough time too check into our hotel room and make our fan girl signs.  We each favored our bias, naturally.

This was the poster I made :}

I just gave myself a fat lip with this. I might be too excited. #BIGBANGMadeinLasVegas #GDragon #bigbangworldtour 

Got my sign ready! #topssexychairs #BigBangMadeInVegas #BIGBANGMADEWORLDTOUR #bigbanglasvegas 

(This was really to humor Lizabreff, who really wanted to make her sign.  I ended up being annoyed with mine half way through the concert, since it limited my movement... and gave me a fat lip).

We didn't even get to eat dinner, because by the time that the signs were done, it was time to head over.  We took the tram from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay.  And were met with the sea of people.  I don't think Mandalay Bay knew what hit them.  I am surprised that we all made it through the security and ticket checking and into our seats before the concert started.  Well, it did start a bit late.

Our view of the arena.

So close to the stage!  Yes!

There was also a cute little maybe 15 year old girl sitting in front of us who had come with her mom.  She was adorable with her little rock to the side dance and high pitched voice.  She was also probably Seungri biased.  She liked our socks too, said we were cute when we were taking this picture.

We're VIP right down to our toes. #BigBangVegas #MadeTour
She literally couldn't sit down the whole concert (once her mom was like: stand up and enjoy yourself, girl!) and it was just so much fun appreciating everything with her.

There were like three or four dudes behind us who thought we were the funniest.  I swear that they laughed at everything we did, but in an appreciative way.  They especially laughed at me, probably because I was screaming so insanely and dancing along with every song.  I basically turned the whole concert into a dance party.  At least for our row.

Us before the concert, excited and ready to go.

Lizabreff was sitting next to this girl who had just come with her friend and had never heard of BIGBANG before.  That was an interesting experience.  She decided right away that T.O.P was sexy, so at least she showed some good taste.

Omo, I forgot how amazing they are in concert.  Only I didn't, they just always blow my mind every time.  And we were so close this time!  We were pretty much eye level with the stage.

Us after the concert- minds blown and wanting more!

Our arms were sore from "Putting our hands in the air" all the time.  Like the whole time.

Driving home from , listening to Little sis: why do they always tell us to put our hands in the air? My arms are too sore

And in true fan girl fashion, we each filmed our biases way more than anyone else, naturally.

Some favorite moments- live tweeting style:

Being only around 500 feet from is surreal!

killed it. He was so funny! And sexy! And all their English was so good!

I can't get over "do you want to see my eyes?" Haha

"I'm gonna sing. You sing with me, ok? Ok, I'll start..."

And can I just say T.O.P's English accent was the CUTEST. But I may be biased...

Also, can get any sexier? Whew.

The crowds were so large and we were so late that we had to buy our shirts afterward, and by the time we got to the registers, there was only one style left.  So we were stuck with the minimalist design.

We were so tired and excited afterwards that we just went to bed without eating... still.  Let me tell you, we were so hungry the next morning.

Soooooooooo good, but too short... but I lost my voice already... but Soooooooooo gooooooood!

We got to tour the parking side of the strip while avoiding an accident.

And then got trapped on a one way street after buying gas on the way out.  Still, it made me find this lovely license plate.  Haha.

Of course I see this in Vegas. #Menbabe

And Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home, thanks to a gift card purloined  from a friend who won the raffle prize at a 5k he didn't even run.  Thanks for winning dude, so we actual race runners could steal your prize.

This jazzy chair in the parking lot = <3 #keepingitclassy — at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So thirsty after a night of screaming that we each drank 3 glasses of huckleberry lemonade.

On our way back, and a car passes us with a sign that says "We saw Bigbang!" Yeah, represent!

Back home again by that night.  I'm tired.

My ears are still ringing, I'm tired and sore from screaming and dancing, but I wish there was more

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