Monday, September 21, 2015

"Please, please, please help me out! Sub for me Oct 2nd!!!!!" or What I Do For BIGBANG

I am super excited about the BIGBANG concert in Las Vegas, so much closer to me than the one in LA that I went to three years ago.  I am extra excited because my little sister is coming with Lizabreff and I this time, and it's her very first concert in general, as well as her very first Kpop concert.  I got her obsessed with Kpop and BIGBANG years ago.  She is in love with Daesung.  She's been writing statuses about coming all week, with stuff like: "I shall be leaving within the week to travel to [where my unni lives] and from there to Las Vegas for the BIGBANG concert!!!  I'm so excited!!!"  She used multiple exclamation points, it must be true.

But the biggest problem was that I just started a new job that requires me to work nights, and of course no one actually wants to sub that night, so I was a bit worried when I received no response to my initial request.  With the concert only two weeks away, I brought out the big guns.  The pleading sob story letter...  And yes, this is the letter I actually sent to my coworkers, with only minor edits to protect the innocent...

Hello everyone,

It’s time for a mildly (or not so mild) pleading email to convince one or so of you, to take my closing shift on October 2nd.  I know no one likes to work 8 to midnight on a Friday night.  It’s a yucky time.  But I literally cannot miss this trip.  Seriously, I can’t.

It is a trip that I’ve been planning with my little sister since April (and here starts the sob story).  It’s practically a once in a lifetime concert for her, because it’s K-pop, and how often do Korean singers come to the US, let alone somewhere as close as Las Vegas?  The answer is not very often.  We have even already purchased the tickets, which cost a pretty penny, so I really can’t afford to just eat that (I already had to scrimp and save just to afford it).  Did I mention that she also has her tickets to fly here from the Midwest?  Lots of money already spent on this.

I’m only asking for one night (even though two would make my life easier and let me actually sleep, but would I even do that?  Probably not).  So to make it easier on us all, I’m only asking for Friday off.  Please (imagine puppy eyed begging here).

I am pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to get one of you to graciously help me out.  I will take pretty much any shift you need me to (including morning and day shifts after September 25th, when I don’t have any scheduling conflicts anymore) and even the nastiest ones during breaks, etc.  If you want me to take your evening shift earlier that week and work 5pm to 12am, I am 100% ok with doing that. 

If you need more incentive, I can offer to cook you tasty food, which I am fairly good at.  I make wonderful zucchini bread.  My chocolate cookies are amazing.  I could also make you dinner some night(s) if you would like.  I have a garden full of tomatoes, with which I can make some amazing fresh salsa, tailored to your particular taste in how hot and what you like (as in do you want cilantro in it, etc.)  I also have small cute pumpkins in my garden, not the tiny useless kind, but the type that you can actually use to make pie.  I make good pumpkin pie.  I make good pie in general.  You could have a cute fresh pumpkin, or a pie.  Or both.  Basically, whatever you like to eat, I can make it for you.  I am very good at making food bribes/thank you gifts.

A tiny souvenir from Vegas might also be possible.

I guess I’m a little desperate.  So, help me out.  Make me forever grateful.  Take my closing shift on Oct 2nd.

Thank you,

MarlubsGD (obviously not what I signed it as, but you get the picture)

I'm so glad I have awesome coworkers.  They responded at once.  It probably helped that I sent it during the day when they were all there too.  Anyways, I safely have that shift covered.  BIGBANG!  Here I come!!! Woohoo!!!!

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