Monday, September 21, 2015

"Please, please, please help me out! Sub for me Oct 2nd!!!!!" or What I Do For BIGBANG

I am super excited about the BIGBANG concert in Las Vegas, so much closer to me than the one in LA that I went to three years ago.  I am extra excited because my little sister is coming with Lizabreff and I this time, and it's her very first concert in general, as well as her very first Kpop concert.  I got her obsessed with Kpop and BIGBANG years ago.  She is in love with Daesung.  She's been writing statuses about coming all week, with stuff like: "I shall be leaving within the week to travel to [where my unni lives] and from there to Las Vegas for the BIGBANG concert!!!  I'm so excited!!!"  She used multiple exclamation points, it must be true.

But the biggest problem was that I just started a new job that requires me to work nights, and of course no one actually wants to sub that night, so I was a bit worried when I received no response to my initial request.  With the concert only two weeks away, I brought out the big guns.  The pleading sob story letter...  And yes, this is the letter I actually sent to my coworkers, with only minor edits to protect the innocent...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adventures in Japanese Candyland: September

I know I planned to only eat one of these a day to stretch out my Japan Candyland Adventure for a full week (plus a day, since there are only 8 things this month), but Lizabreff went and sprained her ankle this morning, so to cheer her up, we had a Japan Crate binge party instead.  Lesson learned: running is evil.  So are sidewalks and grass pot holes.  Haha.  Also, savoring candy for a week is fun.  Binge eating it with an invalid friend is fun too.

This month they must have run out of regular boxes, because I def totes don't have premium. It looked so empty too, with only the regular stuffs in it.  It was all rattling around in the box, haha.  Just so you all know, if you didn't already, when you get premium they give you three to four more items every month, and they always sound so good that you wish that you were paying for them so you could eat them, but you aren't, so you're sad.  I'm not paying for any of this, so it doesn't mean much to me... until my gift subscription runs out next month.  Sad day.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Summer of Action Dramas: or My Beautiful Bad-A Boys

I feel like the only shows this summer were action thriller types.  Well, the only good ones anyways.  Just kidding, I did watch some romcoms and melodramas, like Warm and Cozy and High Society, but I avoided most of those boring melodramatic looking ones (even if everyone else seemed to like them ok, because no).  But even if there were lots of genres represented, the bulk of the good ones really were action/thriller/psychological/mystery.  And I wasn't disappointed either.  But I do have to admit that I am hankering for a good romcom now... or even a not good one, but I refuse to watch that one starring Ugly Man (aka Virtual Bride with Ryu Soo Young).  I just like mixing up my genres at once.  However, it still seems like the action thriller trend is going strong, probably because they're good.

It makes sense though, because what else will draw you to dramas in the middle of summer... either super cheesy fluff or hard core action.  I like that they went the action route because that meant lots and lots of beautiful bad-a boys.  Rawr.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kpop for That Sultry Sound... yeah, the sound ;)

There is a difference between sultry and just sexy... at least in my book.  Sultry has that special sound that can only be described as rawr.  Overly sexy can sometimes be too much, because sometimes you are just in the mood for a sultry sounding song.  Something that is perfectly exemplified through dance moves like these:

Sway those hips, boys.  Rawr.  Yep, that's where the sultry sound is at.  So here are my favorite sultry songs, for when I want to just listen to something that says "rawr!"