Monday, July 13, 2015

The Adventures of Marlubs and Lizabreff in KDreamland: Episode 1

Lizabreff and I have a very special relationship where we have to tell each other everything (we're besties in real life and Kdrama world).  So every time we have a weird/cool/fun/bad dream, the first thing we do when we wake up is text the other person what happened in said dream.

A lot of the times these dreams are based on Kdramas, Kpop or other K-things.  Those ones are usually wonderful.

These are verbatim what was written in the texts (unless there was awful spelling mistakes- which happens in the early morning when texting- and I couldn't bear to leave them) so you get the full experience of our conversation.  So without further ado, here is episode 1, a dream I had several months ago, which is still arguably one of the best dreams ever.

April 8th, 8:44am  

MarlubsGD: Boo. I just woke myself up during the best part of my dream
I woke up because I could handle how great it was turning and now I'm sad I woke up.

Lizabreff: What was the dream?

MarlubsGD: It started out like pasta, very Kdrama like.

There was a big riff in the kitchen and the male lead had to cook everything for dinner, which he was managing to do while all the other chefs were being butts

Then he called me to bring a bunch of gnocchi, which was awkward since the second male lead was one of the other chefs and I'd already rejected him and I feel like that might have been one reason why all the chefs were fighting.

Anyways I go to the restaurant and it's a bit awkward walking past the other dude, but he looks like he's trying to be cool

And I go into the basement where the kitchen and male lead is waiting and all the sudden it's [insert name of boy I like].

And instead of being the female lead I'm definitely me, only we're still supposed to be our characters too I think, because I still have the buttload of gnocchi

So I'm like: here I am with the gnocchi and he whips out these big a long stemmed roses, like he was waiting for me because he's doing an event and the other peeps upstairs knew it

These roses are like 5 foot long stemmed roses, which was funny.

So he pulls them out and is talking about how I wanted surprises or whatever as he's messing with the roses like to make something out of them and I'm just standing like I can't believe what's happening

I could feel myself waking up and I tried to stop myself so the dream could continue, but I was literally so happy that I couldn't stay asleep. Boo.

And so I finally get myself together to lend a hand with the rose thing, trying to not be awkward, especially since he's rambling but still way less awkward than me. And then he suddenly leans forward and kisses my head after saying something jokey about my hair.

Lizabreff: Did he kiss your forehead before you thought you were waking up, or was it happening as you were waking up


MarlubsGD: Probably as I was

But that definitely did the dream in.

I couldn't stay asleep after that.

Lizabreff: Your feelings were too strong

I've just been guffawing over here, but this is just too good. wink emoticon

MarlubsGD: Yeah. Completely. Haha

I'd be laughing too if it weren't so upsetting

Darn me for being so happy when it happened

Then I had the weird sensation of feeling giddy and pissed off at the same time.

Lizabreff: Hahahahahaha  

MarlubsGD: But I think pissed off won eventually because I woke up and it was obviously a dream, etc

Lizabreff: 5 foot long stem roses


MarlubsGD: I know. That part was hilarious

And he was trying to make them into a crown or something. It didn't make any sense

Lizabreff: Dreams rarely do

MarlubsGD: True story

But boy do I wish that was real life (maybe with reasonably stemmed roses)

Haha, I say "like" too much.

Stay tuned for Episode 2, when Lizabreff has an equally amazing KDream- when real life and dramaland are mushed together into frustrating bliss.  Haha.

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