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Female Leads Who I Just Can't Get Behind or Relate To

I couldn't write a post on Frustrating Male Leads without including a post about equally as frustrating female leads.  We want girls we can relate to, so we can put ourselves in their shoes and get all the feels when they get the man.  But sometimes all we get is a severe desire to shake some sense into the stupid things because they are just plain stupid, frustrating, annoying, and sometimes just bad actresses.

I understand that not everyone can be a good actor, but if they aren't, then why are they getting cast in lead roles?  Seriously, are they related to someone?  Are they a chaebol or an idol?  Sadly, sometimes they are not, and bad acting can make an already weak character unbearable.  So here are some unbearably not relatable female leads.

Geum Jan Di- Boys Over Flowers

Of course I went there, how could I not?  Might as well get the big one out of the way.  I can't stand her.  Well to be fair she did have her moments.  She kicked Goo Jun Pyo in the face.  The end.  Unfortunately we had 23 more episodes after that and she did nothing noteworthy or even fun during that whole time.  It was just a lot of ugly, bad acting.  Yuck.

Gil Da Ran- Big

Lizabreff insisted that I include Gil Da Ran in this list, and I agreed, because I honestly had problems with her too.  She had no back bone and was as wishy washy as they come.  She had a one track mind that she actually couldn't make up anyways, so that all she did was hurt people's feelings.  She did nothing but lie the whole time, mostly to herself, but also Kyung Joon.  It was just frustrating to watch, and made the ending go just blech.

Jung Ji Na- Padam Padam

Ji Na just left a bad taste in my mouth.  The whole time.  I felt like even after she was "in love" with him she was patronizing.  She kind of treated him like a pet.  Like the wild animal that she trained.  Sure she loved him, but she's a vet and she likes "wild animals."  Ew.  It was just not a good feel.  I wonder if that was bad acting, a poor director's choice, or if it's just me, but I thought she was lame and she gave me the shudders.  Yuck.

Oh Ha Ni- Playful Kiss

Is it a surprise that Stalker Chick is on this list?  No.  She's so stupid and obsessed.  In fact she's perfect second lead material... but she's first lead.  She's teaching us that if you stalk, obsessed, annoy, and throw yourself at a man for long enough, he will eventually fall in love with you.  Because that always happens in real life.  The way that this poor man (actually he's a huge jerk) is trapped into liking her is like some weird emotional Stockholm syndromey type thing.  All she does is obsess, make a fool of herself and everyone else awkward for 16 episodes when she somehow wins.  Really, I was in a pretty low place when I forced myself to watch this show.  It's embarrassing to admit that I did it willingly, but I can say that I did, and can tell you all that this girl is stupid, annoying, and not in any way relatable, even though she's technically supposed to represent the common (fan) girl.  I weep to think this might be sometimes true.  No, no, no!

Lee Kyu Won- Heartstrings

I just don't get this drama in general.  However, she was a times one of the better characters, which isn't doing this drama any favors.  It's just that lame.  She was so awkward.  Awkward to the point of painful.  A little awkward I can sympathize with, because I am awkward, but she was so awkward that she killed any chemistry that couple might have had.  How are they supposed to look like they are in love when she looks awkward and terrified anytime that he makes any move at all?  Seriously.  Also, she's a total pushover, which is why this whole plot happens at all.  Frankly, getting involved in musicals because some pushy professor suggests it is weird.  It's like she's a people pleaser and a rebel at the same time, because her grandpa was so intense.  It's just... I guess I should just say that I hated her randomly deciding to choose musicals over traditional music for no reason other than wanting to be popular and cool and all that lame jazz.  Yeah, she was just awkward and lame all around.

Na Mi Rae- Marry Him If You Dare

Just no.  No, no, no, no, from her awful hair and style, to that spazzy stupid attitude, to her hugely poor life decision making.  There is a reason that our nick name for Yoon Eun Hye is Spazzcakes.  I swear that she always plays the same character, like 9 times out of 10.  The spazzy, quirky, candy type deal.  You know the one: Lie to Me, Goong, Coffee Prince (that was the deluxe tom boy version), etc.  I just don't even know what to say about her.  She was annoying enough when she was being spazzy, but she was strangely more annoying when she tried to be a feminist.  I'm all for feminism and woman power, and all that, but that is not what this show was about, and when they tried to make it that, it just fell apart.  Also her method was really weird.  She's just weird... and spazzy.  Just no, I can't.

Cha Eun Sang- Heirs

In her defense, it wasn't her fault that she had the bad luck to be stalked by a very possessive, determined, pushy chaebol.  But if she really wanted out, she could have just rejected him.  This show has got some serious sexual harassment going on, and they're masking it as romance.  She clearly (but still weakly) rejected him and told him to leave her alone, and still she has to put up with crap from multiple rich creeps.  But all she does is whine and try to run away a couple times.  Yeah her situation is sticky, but could she at least fight back in a not weird/weak sauce way?  Stealing Rachel's name plate?  Yeah, that's cool (no it's not).  Why is it that Rachel is the only one she ever tries to stand up against?  Can't she just kick those chaebols in the balls?  That would have been nice.  Sigh.  Nope, she just whined and weakly let people fight over her and then force her to fall in love with them... if you can call it that.

Sun Woo In Young- I Need Romance

I guess it's relatable that she overthinks everything and causes all her own problems.  We all do that.  But that doesn't change the fact that she's an idiot.  Or that this actress is not the best.  Nope, don't love her.  It's a good thing there were two other female sides to make this show worth watching.  She just makes poor life decisions.  I don't think breaking up with a cheating boyfriend is one of them, but I swear she practically forced a breach in their relationship before that ever happened with her overthinking.  Not that that justifies him in anyway, because he's still a cheater... and yucky Yul (hiss hiss).  I'm just saying she makes everything worse.  And why break up with the rich chaebol Choi Jin Hyuk?  Overthinking.  Well dating him in the first place was probably a mistake, even if he was rich, cute, and nice.  But the worst is that it ends right where it began.  Did she learn anything at all?  Nope.  She just made a big mess, broke a few hearts, and then went right back to the same problem.  I don't get her at all.  Too silly.  Too... emotionally unstable.  Boo.

Shin Chae Kyung- Goong

Spazzcakes strikes again.  She's immature.  She's a high schooler.  But does she also have to be a complete idiot?  She gets played by Yul so hard that it was so painful to watch.  She causes more problems by just not thinking that by the end we are beating our heads against a brick wall.  And yes, that wall has to be brick, it's the only way it helps.  Being immature was ok at the start, but it never ended and her antics were just annoying after a while.  I think we all screamed with frustration when she said on live TV that she was considering a divorce.  Can't you talk about these things first?  No, that couple sucked at talking.  It's a wonder they ever fell in love.  I still don't know why they did.  No clue.

Tao Le Si- Fall In Love With Me

Also known as Stoneface.  She can't act.  Her character was also dumb.  She was so irrational and incompetent.  I really don't get why anyone was in love with her.  Pretty?  I guess that must be it.  The way she just decided that Lu Tian Xing was a jerk on really no basis was inexplicable.  It was like she had to have someone to blame for her (and all of Oz's) incompetency.  She was also as stubborn as heck to realize she was the one at fault, who needed help, and who needed to improve.  Tian Xing had to spoon feed her.  Even then, once she had an idea in her head she couldn't possibly ever change her mind.  About Lu Tian Xing, about Xiao Lu, about Oz, about not being lame.  And on top of that she couldn't even act.  Bam, final blow.

Yoon Soo Wan- Angel Eyes

Oh Fish Face.  This is the face she makes the whole show.  That dumb, slightly angry, blank stare.  She didn't deserve either male lead, because this girl was a bitca.  Her younger self deserved them, but somehow when she grew up (and suddenly became Fish Face) she turned into a jerk.  She also made super stupid choices and got too emotional and went crosseyed while crying.  I admit I just don't like this actress.  Well, she is horrible at acting, which would make this character so hard to put up with, so that probably is a big part of this.  Yeah, she was just too angry, mean, and super hard to understand why she was acting like that.  Really, why was she acting like that?  I don't get it.  What a drama queen.

Jung Soo Young- King of High School

Awkward pedonoona alert!  I wanted to give her a fair chance and not hate on her just because she was awkward, but I couldn't.  She was painfully awkward.  Also, I am 100% not ok with this relationship.  Getting married in high school?  No.  Especially not to a noona 10 years older than him.  No, no, no, no.  I just can't even start to understand her with her awkward not smartness.  She really was clueless, but not stupid.  Just so awkward.  She really didn't get what was going on all the time.  I just can't relate to her.  She's too awkward, spacey, and not smart.

Mok Dan- Bridal Mask

And so she single-handedly caused all the problems in the entire show.  That's not why I don't like her.  Let her be a super patriotic freedom fighter, that's cool.  Not that she was super good at it.  She was always getting caught and almost dying and stuff, but at least she has a cause.  What I didn't appreciate was the romance.  I was never 100% sold on her loving Kang To.  I guarantee she didn't really, in fact.  She loved Gaksital.  She loved Young Master.  The fact that those two also happened to be Kang To meant she had to love him, but she didn't ever love him for him.  I really hated the way she called him Young Master all the time after she figured that out.  Like she had to say it to convince herself that it was him and it was ok to love him.  Granted, Kang To did treat her like crap before, including torturing her and stuff.  He also had the whole first love motivation, but at least I felt like there was also some chemistry before that and stuff.  I just can't say I like her.  She was just not real.  She was a freedom fighter, not a lover, so forcing her to be his love interest was shallow and lame.  Well, at least she died protecting him, oops spoilers.  I guess she really did have a death wish.

Do Ha- Night Watchman's Journal

We called her Dumb Do Ha, because that's what she is.  Also, this girl can't act.  It became a joke.  My friend even entered the room, never having seen kdramas before and instantly asked "do they not use their eyes/faces when acting in Korea?"  She's that bad.  Either it's no facial expression, or it's too much and there is definitely nothing in the eyes.  They're dead.  But this character is just dumb.  That was ok when she first came, because she was an outsider, a shaman from a different region with no idea, but that never changed.  She stayed stupid until the end, making everything infinitely harder with her dumbness.  She was just lame.

Han Yeol Moo- Pride and Prejudice

This girl is as stubborn as they come.  Aigoo, she was as frustrating as heck.  She really couldn't let go of her conviction that he was the murderer.  Really, even when it made no sense, she just couldn't let go.  And even when he convinced her, she still had to be all hating on him and leading cute little puppy boys along and stuff.  She just really was like tunnel vision marathon runner of stubborn no thinking.  She was so passionate about stuff without the smarts of how to do it that all she did was make messes.  It was just too frustrating to see.  Also, this actress missed somewhere how to do the love/hate relationship thing.  It made it super awkward to move the romance along.  All we saw was frustrating hate, so we really didn't know that she liked him too, underneath.  There should have been some angsty resistance there, as she was inevitably attracted to his charms but unable to choose him because of her suspicions, etc.  Instead there was just hate, which kind of made him seem a little sexual harassy and stuff.  Awkward.

Kim Ga Hee- The King's Face

My biggest regret of this show was that she didn't die.  That might have redeemed her a bit from being so stupid.  She was the most gullible girl.  She just automatically assumed that the crown prince was a jerk and everything the sketchy Kim Do Chi said was true.  Stupid.  I did like how she became a bad-a archer and stuff, that was cool, but then she did some weird stuff.  I was actually relieved when she finally just became his dad's woman, because then at least she'd be able to do stuff.  Like commit murder/suicide.  If only the suicide part had worked.  Sigh.

Jang Ha Na- Hyde Jekyll and I

She was about as frustrating as Stoneface when it comes to being stubborn once she's made up her mind about someone, never giving them a chance to prove her wrong.  Also she was stubbornly loyal to a made up love with a made up person.  Yeah, that makes sense.  She literally was so stubbornly in love with the alter ego that she wouldn't even look at the actual real person.  That's stuck in fantasy land, alright.  Also, she was dumb.  That blank expression?  Yeah, that was her the entire show.  She was just so frustratingly stupid.  But then this show was frustratingly dumb, so she fits right in.

Yoo Ri Ta- Blood

Once again, Fish Face wins the lame female lead award.  She still can't act!  Shocker.  This time she was horrible over acting her bitca lead role.  She was just so overly haughty and insufferably rude.  I just could not like her one bit.  False pride is just annoying.  If you are going to be a stuck up jerk, at least be good at what you do to justify it.  She wasn't.  She was supposed to be a brilliant surgeon, but there was too many mess up scenes for that.  But really most of the show was crappy vampire make up and ridiculous fight choreography, and her going cross-eyed when she cried.  I mentioned that, right?  Well it looks like this:

Her arrogance caused a lot of trouble.  I wish she had been the one who died instead of the only character I liked in the whole show.  I think it would have been more pertinent.  Well, the whole show was a hot mess anyways.  She just made it a whole lot worse with her bad acting and crappy character.

Go Cheok Hee- Divorce Lawyer in Love

I wanted to like her.  Really I did.  I wanted to support the bad bitca lead, but she was just too much.  I think it's this actress.  She tends to overact... a lot.  Anyways, the part that I didn't like wasn't how crazy evil bitca she was, I just hated how inconsistent she was.  I wanted to see some character growth, some development.  Instead all we got was a random set of extremes thrown all over the place with no apparent order.  She was over-the-top evil one minute, as annoying as heck the next, rush in with no thought, and then all the sudden she'd be the poor, guilty daughter/unni with a tragic back story.  Then she's cute in love, nope she's still crazy, hasn't learned a thing, now she's cute again.  No wait, she's forgotten all her lawyer training and is acting like an idiot.  Now she has class?  When did that happen?  Since when did she have that problem?  She doesn't like dressing up?  What?  That's random and doesn't fit in with her style.  Really, that's the way this show was.  It didn't make any sense.  Really.  I wanted to like her, but she never stayed the same long enough, and she never made any personal growth at all, so I just couldn't.  Really this was a show about how a super pliable dude randomly fell in love with a crazy lawyer and then bent to her will about almost everything with her making only a few concessions.  It was just nonsense.

So we have a winner for worst female lead ever: Fish Faced Ku Hye Sun!  It's really no secret that I hate Fish Face.  I'm surprised I've watched that many of her dramas... those are probably all the ones I've seen with her in it, because any others would probably have made this list too.  Strong runners up include Cho Yeo Jeong and Han Ji Min.  I can't say the same for Park Shin Hye because I've seen way more shows with her where I did like her ok than ones where I didn't.  Same with Yoon Eun Hye... well I'm more on the fence with her, she does tend to be typecast as Spazzcakes.

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