Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kpop One Liners: Song Lines for the Occasion

Lately we've been using a lot of lines from Kpop songs in everyday life, like random inside jokes, etc.  Some lines are just so appropriate for the situation, that we have to shout out these wonderful lines in certain situations.  It makes them better.

Here are some of the perfect one liners that we use pretty much every day.

One Shot- B.A.P

Every time we go grocery shopping we shout "Only one shot!  Only one shot!" as we gather the groceries to carry inside, the goal being to carry them all inside in one load, or one shot.  It should only ever take one trip.  Seriously.

Bad Mama Jama- Bigflo

Bad Mama Jama makes a frequent appearance with us, every time we feel particularly "classy" such as when we do something extra ghetto fab, like wearing sweats outside the house, or make a quick fix.  When this happens we say "So classy, so classy!" usually to the person being the classy offender.

A variation of this happens when anyone lets out a particularly loud fart, in which we say instead, "So gassy, so gassy!"  We might also say "so nasty, so nasty" when someone unintentionally says something that could be taken two ways, haha.

Bagsit- JYJ

"I'm a put you in the bagsit," gets used anytime we're taking a car trip and someone gets forced to sit in the backseat.  This usually leads to a random chorus of "pumba mumba bagsit" as well.

S.N.S- B.A.P

There are several lines from S.N.S that get used frequently.  Anytime I want to get Curdy's attention, I say, in Bang Yongguk's voice: "Hey, let me talk to you."

When anyone comments about or asks if they look sexy (especially Lizabreff) we reply with "Sexy (boom boom) Special (boom boom)."  The special probably leans a little more towards the insult rather than the compliment sometimes, but that just makes it funnier.

"Tweet me a mention" must be a said anytime we put anything on Twitter... well, almost every time.  I also say "Tweeter that" a lot too... cuz I'm special like that.  Sexy n special.

Fantastic Baby- BIGBANG

Literally, if someone says "wow" the only response at all is to immediately add "fantastic baby" and then proceed to sing the rest of the chorus of said song.  "Dance (wooooooooo) I wanna dance, dance, dance, da dance dance..."

But dis neck doh...


Michi Go!- G-Dragon

When in a certain mood and when someone's told a nasty joke, we sometimes follow with "Dirty mad fiesta" just cuz.

No Mercy- B.A.P

"No, no, no, no mercy!" is the chant to say when stomping on people in games, or even when dropping or ditching a crush because it's no longer worth it.  Drop it like it's hot!  No mercy!

Top of the World- BIGBANG

When I am trying to pry information out of Lizabreff, and especially if I happen to start with "I wanna," it always turns into "I wanna know about you..." and then leads to me finishing with "You can be my queen tonight," because G-Dragon.

I Don't Care- 2ne1

"Sometimes you gotta act like you don't care.  That's the only ways those boys learn."  My advice to everyone when boys are being dumb and taking up too much energy, thought, or are just not responding well.  Top any lame situation with a chorus of "I don't ca-a-a-a-a-are!  I don't ca-a-a-a-a-are!  Boy, I don't care," and you've half gotten over the problem already.  Not really, but it helps a bit.

Bang Bang Bang- BIGBANG

"Chong majeun geotcheoreom!"

I just randomly say that all the time because it gets stuck in my head.  It's also my notification tone on my phone.  I love that song.

Crayon- G-Dragon

"Why so serious?" used to be my notification tone.  I also love that song.  But I also say it to "cheer (haha) people up" because it usually ends in them punching me in the arm (darn you Lizabreff and your sharp knuckles).

So yeah.  Those are the more popular ones, I guess.  I'm sure there are more, but whatever.  These ones are great on there own.  Haha.


  1. Oh man. This post made me miss you all so much. T____T like for reals. Why do we live so far away from each other?!?!?!?!

    1. I know! Why are you so far away!

    2.'s not like the US was legally going to allow me to stay ;P You will just have to come and visit me here!

    3. Oh well. If you insist. ;)