Monday, April 20, 2015

The Girl Who Sees Yoochun Being Better at Comedy... and Everything Else

Why do all the good post worthy dramas have to begin/end right when finals and busy happens?  Here I am trying to catch up on all my posts when I should be writing papers and completing projects... or going to bed.  Whatever, I needed to post this because I love this drama.

It's Yoochun, of course I love it.  Also, it's Yoochun playing a perfect deadpan.  Yes, yes, yes.

It actually reminded me of You're All Surrounded when it first started.  It even has the same style of comic strip opening credits, and just like YAS it begins with creepy murdered parents tragedy.  I even feel like it's practically the same house as the one Dae Gu's mom got murdered in.  Same gate type deal at least.

Yeah, no.  That's the stuff of nightmares.

We were like screaming at this point.  I think Lizabreff literally jumped into my lap because she couldn't handle it.

So, funny story.  I have a friend who started watching Kdramas last year.  She knew I watched them, so she invited me to watch Goong with her.  That was helpful because that one is so makjang that she would never have finished it, or given other dramas a chance if I wasn't there to explain things, etc.  Anyways, we still get together every week to watch a couple of episodes of a particular show.  We had been watching Baby Faced Beauty (because after Gaksital we needed a couple- not just one- RomComs), but that one was too bitca nasty for our feelings, so we switched to The Girl Who Sees Smells as it had just aired that week, and we love Yoochun.  Let me tell you, this gripped us from moment one, because literally the first thing you see is a dead body.  Creepy!  AND THEN THE MURDERER IS STILL IN THE HOUSE WHEN SHE GETS HOME!  AHHHHH!  Cue Lizabreff jumping on me as she screams.

And then we see the (maybe) murderer's face, and we scream again.

Ah!  No!  It's Hyung from Reply 1997!  He's so creepy!  No!!!!!  Once again, Lizabreff is screaming and hitting me in her creeped out excitement.

Anyways, needless to say, we are 100% invested in this show.  It's actually really hard to wait until Tuesdays to watch with my friend, having to deal with all the spoilers over the weekend.  Sad Day.  But I'm strong, I can deal with it.... right?

Unlike YAS, this one seems to balance the humor and heaviness.  We still have super tragic murderous back stories, which leave our heroes uniquely scarred, and making us cry right along with them.

Omo, Yoochun, you're killing it.

And now we're all crying.

But unlike Dae Gu, who turned into an angry young man, we have instead the dead to all feeling Yoochun, and a girl with a super sniffer... eye.

And can I just say that Yoochun is a genius?  His deadpan emotionlessness is just wonderful.

And he eats so much.  He's like constantly stuffing himself the whole show, and he's literally adorable while he eats.  Especially when he eats so nonchalantly.

Yes, he did just eat like four bowl of noodles.

And comedy with a dislocated shoulder... he works it.

And any excuse to see him in pink Jimjilbang cloths with the little sheep ears towel hat = yes.

Best chase scene ever.

Without giving away too much, for those who haven't started it yet (but really you should just start it right away), here are some other peeps to look forward to.

The most incompetent police ever, and that's pretty typical.

A pretty boy and lazy dude.

These two.  I just love these two, and I love their petty little bitca fighting.

We also have some nice cameos.

The Running Man Cast.  That made me super happy.

And Oh Jung Tae's very meta appearance, taking offense when she asked him to be in a comedy sketch with her.  Haha.

Then we have some interesting, and potentially sketchy other peeps.

The detective in charge of the chain murder cases.  The power woman cop, who has to deal with the discrimination and crap, and who is strangely passionate about her work and case.

The boyfriend of one of the murder victims.  He just seems super sketch, and not just because he seemed super sketch in My Secret Hotel.  He's definitely the other guy, but the only reason he's here is because his girlfriend is missing/dead.  Also, he's besties with Hyung the Creeper Probably Killer.  Sketch Central.

This moment just gave me the shudders.  No, girl, don't make friends with these peeps.  No.

But by far the part that I love the most is the interactions between our leads.  I've never been a fan of Shin Se Kyung.  I don't hate her, or anything, just not my fave.  But she's decent in this one.  And Yoochun is just good.  And their quirky skills and crazy personalities just make me happy.

His dense deadpan.

First she says he's too close, when he's excited about his goals.

Then he calls her out on it too.  Haha.

So tactful too.

 A lovely unlikely pairing.  The same, yet so different.

Trying to smell after seeing her skills in action.

Trying to look cool/normal after she caught him in the act.

Working the crime scenes together.

Somehow in a weird sort of "relationship."  I guess that's what partners means?

I love every time he does a comedy sketch.  Bahaha.

But I love his deadpan literalism more.

Got some nice skinship.

He eats so much.

And is so cute towards her already!


This scene is so great.

I think we died laughing every time he went "Churrrrr!"

It's so cute how she recognizes his smell already.  And his smell is sparkly.

I still don't get why pulling his ear is romantic.  Did I miss something?

He is already so petty and jealous.  Plenty of give and take already.

Another good moment of teasing.  He catches her stuffing his tuna with wasabi (as if he could taste it anyways).  So he switches it.

Her reaction at his no reaction.

His reaction at her overreaction when she eats it.

Calmly handing her the water, haha, what a little stinker!

That looks like jealousy to me.

And the way she already knows how to deal with his eating habits so she can get the best food.  That's a good build of relationship.

I really like the balance of comedy and murder/suspense type deal.  We're laughing at one moment, and then gasping at the next.  Especially every time this type of stuff goes on.

No, no, no, no.

So I am really excited to see where this goes.  I hope that there are plenty more surprises and twists, and that it doesn't go lame, that's always the fear, isn't it?  But I am super impressed so far, even though the police are a joke, but whatever.

Best moment of the show so far:


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