Monday, March 30, 2015

Loving the Bad-A Bitca Female Lead Trend

There are a lot of dramas lately with actual feisty female leads.  Girls with foul mouths and actual heavy type problems (not that being poor and hardworking isn't bad, but it is over done).

I'm really enjoying these real women for a change.  So here are some of the strong, rude, bad tempered, and bitca-like female leads who fight hard against all odds.

Ho Goo's Love:

Not only do we have a couple of strong, bad tempered, female leads, but we also have some heavy topics, such as single motherhood and rape.  Oh joy.  These are girls with some serious things that they have to deal with.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine:

There are all sorts of bitcas in this show.  But I love how Seo Bom is smart and strong.  She's not a pushover, and fights with the up most tact to protect her family.

Can I just say that I ship that couple?  Bom and In Sang are just the cutest!  The high schoolers that are more mature than In Sang's parents (who just might be the stupidest, most selfish and immature kdrama parents out there).

But I especially love how they are still awkward and believable as high schoolers, even though they are parents with their own baby.  I just love their beautiful awkward love! Also, I love how In Sang is not the sissy I was worried he would be at the start of it, and is even a bit of a rebel.

But most of all I love that Bom, while remaining respectful as possible, is super strong and cool.  Always looking for the right moment to snag another right for herself, her baby, and her husband.

Unkind Women:

I absolutely love that this drama is about women and none of them are sissy push overs.  I am especially a fan of the grandma and her wickedly awesome tongue.  She just says and does whatever she wants.  She's had a sucky life, so she deserves it.

And what she wants is to make that other woman in her life feel like total crap.  She's very good at it, and I love it.

She does it with such class too!

Then we have the Unni, who is cold and calculating.  She doesn't mess around and is just as highly skilled in the art of bitca talk as her mother.

Then we have Hyun Sook who is pretty much all over the place.

She's crazy, has an inferiority complex, a crazy amount of desperation that will put her into a survival mode that makes her unstoppable.

She's an action star when she thinks her life in on the line.  And she not afraid to look crappy.

Her sense of revenge is pretty amazing too.

Even her best friend is a bitca.

Her daughter...

Well Lee Ha Na is once again playing an awkward girl, but this time her awkwardness is back up by a temper and attitude.  But she's one lucky girl, she's got my two favorite second male leads chasing after her.

Ugh, Song Jae Rim, stop being so sexy!

Kim Ji Suk, you namja.  I just want both of them to win!!!!

Also this bitca, with her annoying throbbing voice.  I hate her voice, but she is also another bitca to throw into this mix.

And now she's even opened up to show her true bitca powers.  I love her too now.

Super Daddy Yeol:

This drama is about Han Yeol, but that doesn't change the fact that Mae Ri is a very strong woman, with some interesting extremes (like her 100% obsession).

This is a single mom who is also super successful, and is willing to do what it takes to protect and get her daughter what she needs.

The daughter is also super strong and cool, being an awesome track girl and super independent.

Angry Mom:

The concept of a mom dressing up and returning to high school is potentially humorous, but this show is not.  Yes it has those humorous times, but it is definitely heavy and very dark.  This is only saved by the fact that our Angry Mom is very very bad-a.

She doesn't put up with crap for an instant and will fight anything or anyone to protect her daughter.  And it looks like she's going to have to fight a lot of nasty peeps.

Also, here is another rape situation as well, if the memory of her gangster princess friend is correct.  We've got some really heavy topics these days.

I guess I could also say that Rita from Blood is a bitca, but that is just about all she is.  Freakin' annoying bitca.  She's not strong, she's just conceited and annoying.  But that drama just sucks, basically.  Anyways, but at least she adds to the trend of not having the female leads be sweet sissies or "candy" girls right now.  They're strong women, and moms.  Yes!  Bitca powers!

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