Thursday, February 26, 2015

Need a Picker-Upper? Leave it to Aaron as he Boogies and sings "Rayayayayayayayayayayain!"

When Lizabreff and I first watched this MV, it was like constant laughter.  It was a great experience, so we had to share it.  This song is one of those up beat and catchy type deals, so most people would already be cheered up by that, but the MV is a series of priceless moments that will completely make you laugh at the glorious ridiculousness of it all.  Still, Aaron is naturally looking really good:

So we'd watch him do the silliest things anyways.  But that doesn't mean we aren't also going to laugh.

You just have to watch the video first:

Rayayayayayain! (Or is it Yayayayayayayayay?)  Whichever it is, it's already stuck in my head for life, dang it.

To start with, there is the guitar dude.  He's my favorite.  For me, he stole the show.  I mean, those leg moves:

I was totally just looking at the guitar dude right then.  But Aaron is not one to be out done.  He's got his own boogie moves to match:

Woo woo!  Wiggle those legs, dudes!  Hahahaha.

 Aaron has also got the couch boogie moves down pat too.

These are also good for when you're in a car, blasting music really loudly.  People at intersections will only think you are cool when you do this.

If this is what moisturizing means, then I will have to take it more seriously.

Aaron, thank you for the open neck wet shirt.  We love you too.

Another thing that this MV makes me want to do is pet clouds.  Seriously want to pet them.  So fluffy!  I could die!!!!

But Lizabreff and I agree that the highlight of this whole video is this moment:

Haha!  I could watch this for days!  What is he doing?  "What is behind me?  Huh?  Oh yeah, those cloud things.  Hey guys!"  I seriously don't think I'm getting tired of watching that turn surprise smile thing any time soon.

Ridiculousness, but that's why it's worth a watch, especially if you need cheering up.  How could you still be in a bad mood when Aaron is boogieing like a... well boogieing so wonderfully?  And Aaron is always nice to look at.  So it's a win win type deal, right?


  1. I so needed cheering up today. Had to come into work sick because i'm co-leading a big event on campus, and I was hating the world. But can you hate the world when Aaron is petting cloud pets? Nope. You can't. Now I have to figure out if I have time to watch video in between workshops!

    1. Even this cuteness-inspired missing of Aaron cannot make me rewatch Both of Me again, but I think I can revisit him and Puff this weekend. Or watch that naked video, although it mostly inspires me to embarrassment rather than lust. Aaron is the Rain of Taiwan, clearly. An overabundance of hot with a disturbingly high quotient of cheese.

    2. That really is a perfect summary of Aaron! Hot cheese!

  2. Hmmm. Yumm. Hot cheese. I'm sure you didn't mean to make me think of grilled cheese, but now I am really hungry. Off for another workshop!

  3. If Aaron was as entertaining on Instagram as he is here in his MV, I would be a more avid follower. Baha.

  4. This just helped me recover from watching ep.16 of Kill Me Heal Me. Thank You (and thanks Aaron for being adorable).