Friday, February 6, 2015

Couples Who Have More Chemistry Than the Main Couple

I've been planning on writing this ever since I finished Bridal Mask, so it's pretty overdue, but here goes:

There are so many cases when the main couple just doesn't have the chemistry we'd like.  Or even if they have decent chemistry they get upstaged by the side couple, or a couple that is completely non-existent in terms of that particular drama (but those actors better start dating in real life).  Secondary romances get us through many a melodrama, and quite often upstage the main romance all together.

I know my OTP is often not the main couple, even if I like them too.  So here are some real OTPs, or at least some couples with more chemistry than the main couple.

Shunji and Ueno Rie, Gaksital

I recently finished Gaksital (finally!), which is an amazing if not emotionally wrenching, but there might be one thing that it is lacking in.  I was never completely sold on Mok Dan being in love with Kang To and not just Gaksital, or the idea of him as Gaksital- Korea's hero.  Especially when she was calling him young master all the time.  I know she was supposed to, and their chemistry was okay, especially on Joo Won's part, but it just wasn't doing it for me.  However there was one couple in that show whose chemistry was off the charts, and it wasn't anyone who was supposed to have chemistry.

Everytime Shunji and Rie were talking or together we would always start shouting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"  Seriously, Park Ki Woong and Han Chae Ah should just date in real life because their chemistry is rawr... and they're like not even supposed to be in love.  We did it even when he was about to kill her... or not.  We were like "Don't kill her, just kiss her, Shunji!"

You know who else had more chemistry than the main couple?  Them:

We called them the "elite couple" or the "power couple" and all we wanted was for them to stay alive and repopulate Korea (sniff).

Dragon (aka Prosecutor Lee) and Investigator Yoo, Pride and Prejudice

Ok, so Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee had okay chemistry, especially when arguing and being snarky.  I mean Choi Jin Hyuk could probably have chemistry with a stick (awkward).  But once they stopped fighting, suddenly that spark was gone.  But who had awesome chemistry from episode 1?  This couple:

We seriously shipped them from episode 1, and then they got together just like we wanted, and in the best way too.

Normally I don't like manipulative girls, but in their case it was perfect.  She had him right where she wanted him, and then she played him hard.

Until he manned up and became the boyfriend/prosecutor/man she wanted him to be.  The man he was just too lazy to be before.  So, yes, this couple. My P&P OTP.

Yunho and Cray Cray Cousin, The Night Watchman's Journal

There is only one couple who's in love in this show, and they're cousins.  Ew.

They're not really supposed to be in love, but they were the only couple who really had chemistry at all, because the main couple certainly didn't.  I didn't even believe that Yunho liked the main girl like he was supposed to.  Nope, not when he's looking at his "cousin" like this:

The only time he has any expression on his face at all is when he's looking at her.  It's a subtle sort of worrying longing that he's got.  The most impressive expression he ever makes.

I hope the rumor about them dating in real life is true, because I thought he was in love with his cousin for the first half of the drama and was so confused because she was his cousin and... yeah.  Not good.  They should just date in real life.

Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk, Heirs

Let's face it.  No chemistry between dumb and dumber in this show (don't kill me Lee Min Ho fans).  He just can't act.  I was never impressed with Park Shin Hye until Pinocchio, where she proved she can actually have amazing chemistry with someone, so that was no shocker when the main couple was completely uncompelling.  But if there was one couple who actually looks like they like each other, it's Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk.

They're just so cute!

I'd be completely okay with them dating in real life too (wink wink).

Little Sister and Lee Tae Hwan, Highschool King

I guess I should call them Jung Yoo Ah and Oh Tae Seok, but the point is they were the only couple to be liked in this show because all the others were pedonoona nasty.  I can't say that they had chemistry because it creeped me out too much.  But these appropriately aged high school students had me shipping them from the start.

I was hoping it would happen, and it did.  Yes!

That kid's smile though.  Rawr!  He's so happy she claimed him.  Aw.

The Violin Couple, Tomorrow's Cantabile

Once again Joo Won's romance has not so much chemistry... well, that's not true, they had tons of chemistry, but no outlet for it.  Yoo Jin was so closed off that the most we ever got was chemistry and almost kisses.  However, as good as the main couple's chemistry and tension was, Il Rak and Shi Won's was better.

This love story just made me happy, and if it hadn't have been there, then I might have screamed from the frustration of the no kissing main couple.  Boo almost kisses.  I still liked them though.

Ki Joon and Bool Ja, Modern Farmer

Once again the secondary romance was way better than the main romance.  That was frustratingly drawn out and completely one sided chemistry.  I believe noona liked Min Ki, but Min Ki was just noona's donsaeng.  No chemistry there.  Just siblings.  But boy was Ki Joon and Bool Ja's love story compelling and cute.  This moment, when she uses his own phrase against him, pretty much telling him she knows exactly what he means.  Ah!  So cute!!!!!

They were my favorite part!  The OTP of Modern Farmer!

The Stepmom/manager from My Loveable Girl

It's sad that the only couple with chemistry was the old couple who weren't ever going to get together.

That just goes to show that the main couple had zero chemistry.  It was nasty.  I got shivers every time there was any skinship between Rain and Krystal.  Ew!  I could make a case for L and Krystal, however that is a completely different topic- second male leads who have more chemistry with the girl then the male leads, or something like that.  I'd be fine with L and Krystal dating in real life too.  L and Min Hyuk can battle it out for her... only I think that Min Hyuk should win that, sorry L.

Kim Bum and Kim Sa Eun, Boys Over Flowers

There is no way I would have ever managed to finish BOF without So Yi Jung swooping up in his fancy sports car to steal Chu Ga Eul away for whatever reason.  It was literally the thing that kept me going.  If I saw that sort of thing happening in the previews, I would press play for the next episode.

They just had good chemistry, even if she did that awkward "I can't look at you because you're so hot" thing.  Literally the only good couple in this show.  Can I say "literally" one more time?

Honorable mentions:

Here are some couples who have plenty of chemistry, enough to deserve to be mentioned, but because the main couple also has tons of chemistry, all they can do is tie for first place.

Eun Shi Kyung and Lee Yoon Ji, King 2 Hearts

I can't even handle this couple.  Jo Jung Suk!  You made me love you, and then you made me cry!  I just wanted them to be happy!!!!!!  Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if there was ever a couple with completely perfect, awkward, protective, supporting, awesome chemistry, it is this couple... and the main couple.  Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi are good too...  but this couple though...

Kun Da and Puff, Inborn Pair

So while the main couple, Annie Chen and Chris Wang, had plenty of chemistry, their love story was dragged out for like 84 episodes (practically), so while we had to wait for them in ridiculous frustration, we became way more compelled by Kun Da and Puff.

Another case of the manipulative girl that I actually like, because this dude needed it even more than Dragon did in P&P.  He was a bit of a lame irresponsible dude, but his character growth in this 84 episode show is amazing.  He goes from being a bully (in kindergarten) to a playboy, to a faithful boyfriend, to a good father and husband, all because she knew who he really could be if scared and pushed into changing.  It was way more compelling than those silly leads, who still had plenty of makey-outy chemistry when they finally got around to it.  But once again, I watched for these moments.  I don't know why I love Kun Da Short Neck so much, but I do.  I also love, love, love Puff, so this was a great pair.

Anyways, these couples are great, even if they steal the show from the main leads.  No, they are great because they steal the show.  One upping the romantic leads?  Don't mind if you do.  I love me some more cuteness, and if the leads must be mopey, then at least their friends are falling in love and having a good time.  Or maybe just the random peeps that aren't supposed to be in love will just make us laugh and be confused...

Just kiss her already, Shunji!!!!


  1. This may seem obvious, but I loved Dong-ah and Manager Kim from Wild Romance. The OTP were dumber and dumber even with chemistry, so when I wanted to kill them I would look to this other couple.

  2. Here is just one scene to prove my point about the Wild Romance couple. I don't think many people watched that drama.

    1. Yeah, I didn't watch that one. Mostly because I'm not a huge Lee Dong Wool fan or anything. But I have heard good things about this couple that made me consider watching it more.

    2. I think that clip might have sold me. I just want to see that couple!

    3. The main story line started out cute and funny and then went makjang crazy, but these two . . .well I would have watched show with just the two of them.

    4. They were such a great pairing!!! The main problem with Wild Romance is that the director did not understand what the writer had written and directed and marketed it completely wrong. It wasn't supposed to be a happy romance. The ending of the drama would have been so much better if the director had actually interpreted the writer well. Oh well.

  3. Seriously, towards the end of Gaksital, Power Couple was one of the things that kept me coming back. If you know what hadn't happened, I believe they would have re-populated Choseon with beautiful, athletic and fantastic spawn. I miss you Power Couple. *sobs*

    1. They were just the best! Wah! We just wanted them to be together so we didn't just have to be happy for Rice Cake Dude and Circus Girl. Sad, sad, day.

  4. And we needed more of Dragon and Investigator Yoo. I was waiting for their scenes when P&P got bogged down with heaviness in the middle there.

    1. I know! I'm so excited for Dragon's drama that's starting next week! Yay! He's the best.

  5. Chemistry is such a funny thing in TV and film. Another great pairing is that from FBRS. While I did want the heroine to end up with Cha Chi Soo, I also wanted her to end up with the Pillar...and the funny thing is that she did. And they are still together three years later! (They just did a pictorial together).

    1. They are so cute... except not that turtleneck. That's a no.

      I should just write a post about second male leads who had more chemistry than the male lead, because there are too many of those. That's why Pillar is not on this list, because he is on the list with L in My Lovable Girl, and many others who were just better than the male lead. I will consider who else should be on that list and then maybe create it. But no matter what, Pillar will be the best one on there. He's the king of all second male leads and I am so happy that he got the girl in real life.

    2. Haha. Second male lead syndrome can be a real problem sometimes. I know that in one of Park Shi Hoo's dramas he started out as the second lead but that he was just so good with the female lead that they changed the script to make him the male lead. Haha. I've just come to terms that sometimes they just make casting mistakes and that the actors that they choose just don't have as great chemistry. I had a pretty bad case of second male lead syndrome in The Greatest Love, but I guess it was more a case of "Can we please have another drama with Yoo Kye Sang". He was so hotte in his g.o.d. comeback. I also think it's funny that his RL girlfriend is Honey Lee. I know he was in a melodrama last year, but I didn't watch it. Anyway, I am totally digressing. Haha. Oh K-drama. It really is a rabbit hole.

    3. That sounds like Queen of Reversals. I struggled with that one because I was so confused as to who I was supposed to want her with that I ended up not really liking either male lead... only how could I really not like Park Shi Hoo? He's so sexy and has that killer diller smile. But that show seriously sucked, and there were way too many turtlenecks to just watch for the eye candy.

      I've heard good things about Yoo Kye Sang's recent drama... what was it called? Breaking Clouds or something like that? I like Honey Lee, so I like that they are dating in RL.

    4. Queen of Reversals sounds right. I loved PSH in Princess' Man, but after his scandal, I'm not such a big fan. He does have that killer smile, waaaay killer.

      Breaking Clouds sounds right too. I never checked it out. Yup, he and Honey Lee are an item. The real deal. He said that she is actually the reason that g.o.d. had a comeback. She encouraged it apparently. And all his bandmates really like her and I think have mentioned that they hope he marries her.

    5. His smile is like the best ever. Too bad we have to hear about scandals and all that crap.

      Honey Lee is just cool, hard working, and awesome. I'm super impressed with her. And I love that the band mates like her, that's just cute.