Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bigflo: This Noona is Crushing Hard

So, I was watching Boarding House 24, looking for something light and funny, and I was really liking this Im Hyun Tae kid (or as I call in in the show, North Korea), so I naturally looked him up.  High Top, the rapper of a new group called Bigflo... Sounds right up my alley...

Omo.  Now I'm totally in love.

So, not only is he seriously the best in that show, he's also a pretty amazing rapper and performer and stuff.  I watched this one first, Delilah:

Super catchy, also that kid is oozing swag.  Like super naturally too.  What personality in his performance!  He just looks like he's having fun, and is just amazing!  Whew!

Then we found another video and watched Bad Mama Jama:

Lizabreff (laughing at me): Look at your enamored face!  You love him!

Me: I do! He's amazing!

She loves him too, and she was only watching Boarding House 24 over my shoulder (mostly because she knew Ken was in it and loves him- Lizabreff: "Yay VIXX!").  But we both agreed that Im Hyun Tae was probably one of the better actors in the show (and most lovable characters in the show) and now he and his group Bigflo are being added to my list of Yes Kpop Groups.

I struggle with liking younger groups, because it makes me feel weird to like little baby idols when I am so clearly their noona, but they have already made me go all noona fan for them so I might as well double their YouTube hits by watching all their videos a million times.  Why not?


  1. Oh the sad trials of being a noona fan ;)

    1. I've just resigned myself to the fact that I am a noona fan and that I'm not going to meet them probably, let alone date them, so I will just enjoy their music and acting.

    2. It's the only thing we can do.