Monday, December 22, 2014

Healer: Abs in the First Episode, Sign Me On!

Why did I start this one right away?  Now I'm really struggling with the whole waiting thing.  This one had me hooked from episode one, and not because of this:

Although I am totes ok with him showing off his abs in the first couple of minutes.  What really grabbed me was the premise, with his Night Courier and his whole spy mercenary type deal and this messy web of relationships.  Super cool and fun.

And on top of that our hero is super sarcastic and apathetic.  He really doesn't get excited... about anything, and that is the charm of it.  He literally is just making money so he can by this tropical island off of Panama.  What a nice dream.

Then you have Ahjumma, Healer's Boss/Partner.  She's my absolute favorite, and that's why I loved episode one.  Because you see their relationship right away, and it's amazing.  I love how she's always hacking into his laptop/house/etc. to bug him about things.  Also, she really makes me crave kimbap.

Park Min Young's character, Young Shin, is really likable too, as a crazy awkward girl who is trying (and failing pretty royally) to be a reporter.  Being raised with convicts is always good too.

I absolutely love her dad and their father daughter relationship.

She seem pretty real, in a quirky sort of way, but not perfect by any means.

Ji Chang Wook's character, Jung Hoo (or Healer), is super likable and relatable too, besides the fact that he is a super skilled spy type deal, but he's real too.  I mean this is exactly how I looked getting up for a new job:

And I've been guilty of reusing chopsticks/spoons/forks found on the table (maybe looking for the cleanest, maybe not):

I really relate to this about most jobs too:

I also like this second male lead, although I really hope he doesn't become the romantic second male lead, because that might make things weird, but they probably will.  But he's a very complex character and I like that.  I love that unrepentant smile... swoon.

Too bad his family is messed up, like all the familial relationships in this show.  It's going to be crazy later, but hopefully not the unwatchable kind.  I mean, what the heck, Hyung.

Like all good action mystery thrillers, there are a lot of birth type secrets and first loves going around everywhere, but that's all part of this messy little plot.  It all ties back to these peeps, in some weird way.

Actually it seems like it's going to be a pretty big plot full of very bad hyungs and probably lots of ethical decisions, and peeps all falling for the same girl (so unrealistically typical).

But so far, it's a good blend of action, humor and love, which is sort of developing naturally... for a Kdrama (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ).

And I just have to add that for some reason I am shipping this detective dude with Ahjumma.  I just got that vibe somewhere along the line.  I'm down with another romance, or at least some sort of frenemy type deal.

So I can safely say it had me hooked by episode one, and then, when I caught up to episode 4 and realized I'd have to wait until the next episodes aired, it seemed too hard to bear.

 Sweet!  I hope this show continues to be this good, because I'm loving it so far.  Also, more of this:

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