Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sexiness Overload: Pride and Prejudice and Choi Jin Hyuk's Hotness

What the... whew! I can't handle this show already!  Too many sexy men in one office!  Rawr!  It is the perfect replacement for Ghost, which we've been going through withdrawals for, because it's snarky, intense, and full of crime mystery.  Perfect!

It's not really based on Pride and Prejudice, since this is a law show, but it does have the same very basic premise when it comes to character types.  He's super proud and she's prejudiced against him and a lot of other things too.  She seriously has a skill for jumping to conclusions, which makes for a lot of misunderstandings and strangely increases the sexual tension.

Yes, they have amazing sexual/romantic tension from episode one.  Not just episode one, the first flippin two minutes.  The first second?

It just throws us in there, they have a past and we know nothing about it, just that it exists and they've got great chemistry... still.

They have such lovely banter, which is pretty in line with P&P, so that's a nice touch.  I do like that influence.

And then you have a whole cast of funny awesome prosecutors and investigators in one office.  Some super hot, some super quirky, and all super snarky.  I'm going to love this show, so it had better stay this good!

I absolutely love Dragon (nickname from Fated to Love You) and that he's an apathetic dandy prosecutor in this.  We call him Dandy and want him to be with Bitca.  She's Dandy's investigator and she's just a ball of sassy snark.  They are perfect for each other, especially since they love to push each other's buttons.  I ship them already.

Then we have Curly Mullet, who is the perfect jaded prosecutor chief, with his quirky bits of random advice.  I want to him to be good, but I have a feeling he's a puppet of the bad guy.

And Curly Mullet's Investigator, who is just pretty cool.  Got the old man savvy.

Puppy.  We've loved him since High School King, where he pretty much saved the show.  Now we get to see his manly youngness as the second male lead.  He also has a bromance with the male lead, Choi Jin Hyuk.  This might get messy.  He's so into her already too.

Then they have two shirtless, hot ab-ed men in one scene!?!  Are they trying to kill us all!?!  We had to watch this scene multiple times.  Then to take this shot I had to watch it a couple more times... oh darn.

Choi Jin Hyuk's arm muscles... drool.  But I say no to this love triangle.  I just keep telling Puppy to stop, because bros before hoes, dude.

Also this dude.  Not sure who exactly he is (but have suspicions) but he is hilariously bad.  Village bum?  Nope, there is more to it than that, but boy do I just love him.  He makes me laugh.

There is also the cases they work on, full of mystery and intense action/suspense.  Even if they are a bit predictable, they aren't horribly obvious but have enough solving that you don't get frustrated... so far at least.

He's so protective of her, even though they are "fighting."  Dude, you need to stop being so sexy.  Rawr.

And besides the individual cases they have to solve, there is the mystery of their past, and why they broke up and why she hates him, and all that.  It looks like it's piecing together nicely, already.  Fun.

Smooth move, dude.

Such lovely banter.  I hope they keep it up.  I'm already so into this show, I'm excited to see where it goes.

Man... I can't even take it, and this is only the first two episodes.  The next two were just as good, and I can't wait to watch this week's episodes... dying... no patience!


  1. Dang it! I was trying not to get hooked on another Choi Jin Hyuk drama. I was hoping it was bad ;) Ah! Now I am going to have to check it out. Haha.

    1. Why would you not want to be hooked on another Choi Jin Hyuk drama? Even the bad ones are worth being hooked on, because Choi Jin Hyuk!

    2. Emergency Couple irritated me...but because of him I finished it...but really I should have just said that I am sad that there are so many dramas I want to watch, or that I tempted to watch, but I really have absolutely no time. I feel like I need to completely unplug to get my life situated...but yeah...Choi Jin Hyuk is so tempting! The main lead is also the really evil and bratty princess from Empress Ki, and I really hate her. But because of Choi Jin Hyuk I might just take a look...hahaha.

    3. But she was awesome in Triangle. She's just a good actress I guess. I think you'd like her. Even if she tends to jump to conclusions.

    4. Haha. She was so detestable in Empress Ki that it will take a lot to like her. She kidnapped a baby from a bunch of nuns, poisoned them, then burnt down their abbey...and then went crazy, crazy, crazy, and was trying to poison a bunch of other people...all in a rather screechy way. She made me want to scratch her eyes out...but yeah. I could see how she is a great actress. I might give this a whirl and see ^^

    5. Wow, I can't even imagine her being like that. She was so calm, no nonsense, power girl in Triangle, and her role in this one is pretty similar, only more snarky. Now I want to actually watch Empress Ki to see her be crazy.

    6. She was super, super cray-cray. In a really, really evil yeah...I am very hesitant to watch her. I am sure she's great, but yeah...Empress Ki. I still need to finish that drama. The whole drama got cray cray so I never finished it.