Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sexiness Overload: Pride and Prejudice and Choi Jin Hyuk's Hotness

What the... whew! I can't handle this show already!  Too many sexy men in one office!  Rawr!  It is the perfect replacement for Ghost, which we've been going through withdrawals for, because it's snarky, intense, and full of crime mystery.  Perfect!

It's not really based on Pride and Prejudice, since this is a law show, but it does have the same very basic premise when it comes to character types.  He's super proud and she's prejudiced against him and a lot of other things too.  She seriously has a skill for jumping to conclusions, which makes for a lot of misunderstandings and strangely increases the sexual tension.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"I love Choi Daniel in So Ji Sub's Body" and Some Nicknames in Phantom

I was surprised at how much this drama sucked me in at once.  Now I regret not watching it when it first came out, but not at the same time, because now we could watch it as fast as we wanted... and that was very very fast.

How could I resist watching it when I finally figured out that it had some of my favorite actors?  So Ji Sub (that man is just so very sexy), Choi Daniel (I'm pretty sure I just want to marry him, he's so freakin' hot), and Uhm Ki Joon (also known as Grumpy Cat). Once I figured that out, I was watching it pretty much the next day.

Now to talk about this show without too many spoilers or whatnot.  But it's old, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem... unless you're like me and waited to watch it...