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Fated to Love: Cun Xi vs. Lee Gun

This post had to be written for two men that I love for very different reasons.  Having recently finally finished watching the Korean version of Fated to Love You, I have to talk about it.  I think it's one of my favorite dramas, and might have one of the highest ratings on my drama review page.  Anyways... here it is Cun Xi vs. Lee Gun!

I loved the Taiwanese classic Fated to Love You so much, that I really wasn't sure that I could handle the remake.  Especially when I saw Lee Gun's hair.  Oh dear.  It's like he's a mix between Oska and Hyun Bin... Oska's hair and a bit of Hyun Bin's handsomeness?

Yep.  That kinda works.  Anyways,  I was skeptical because the Korean couple was so much older I really had to wonder how much it would change.  Cun Xi and Xin Yi were in their late 20s, tops, and Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young are in their mid to late thirties.  And Ethan Ruan is so hot...

Mmmm that neck and jaw line... But whatever misgivings I had about Lee Gun's hair were completely forgiven in the first episode, right at the beginning.  Right here:

And then he got a hair cut and be still my heart!

Oh Lee Gun, you are just so funny.  So while I still love Cun Xi, I definitely would pick Lee Gun hands down, and here is why.

Cun Xi is young.  He's a young, hot tempered, clingy boy who is super stubborn, and because he's been pushed around his whole life, he acts out.  Unfortunately, he is still deluded into thinking he likes Anna, and although he's moved on long ago, he will keep convincing himself that he must remain loyal to her (even though she treats him like dirt).  He doesn't know what he wants and he stubbornly sticks to the past mind that was made obsolete long ago.  Oh, Cun Xi, you're a butt sometimes.

He's clearly a night in shining armor, but he's forcing himself to be a butt, mostly because he feels super loyalty to the girl he's set on (even after it's too late) and he was forced into the marriage in the first place.

He flip flops around more than a fish out of water, driving us nuts because we just want him to make up his mind the right way.  But when he does... boy does he.

Lee Gun is def totes a knight in shining armor, even if he is also the biggest goober ever.  He is just him, and I love every bit of him (even if his laugh is a bit awkward).

Anyways, while there are some major differences (such as the outrageous temper) I feel like that most of them can be explained by the age difference.  A younger Lee Gun could have been more like Cun Xi, but he is definitely older and more milder tempered.  Also he is Korean, while Cun Xi is very Taiwanese.

Both men are super protective and like to correct injustice, especially when it comes to Xin Yi/Mi Young.  The protective instincts for that girl just spring up automatically, and while they can't love her immediately, they definitely want to protect her and make her life better.

But they really both just fall in love with her so fast (even if young Cun Xi is too stubborn to realize that for like forever.)  The seeing her dressed up moment...

And getting revenge on the jerk faced bad dude.

When saving the baby, Lee Gun's maturity factor is clear, but Cun Xi is also showing his support of her (even while being bad tempered) which is so cute.  Cun Xi is immature, but he's a good boy.

While they both had very different reasons for going through with the marriage, they did have one thing in common: wanting to be a good father.  Cun Xi, at this point is a big butt and is being forced into it, while Lee Gun is very responsible, acting rationally and making a big kid decision.

Just another moment of Cun Xi being a young idiot while Lee Gun is more mature.  But at least we can say that both of them are (partially) motivated by being good fathers.

Then there comes the misunderstandings and both of them acting dumb, even while they know that they are acting dumb.  I love how Cun Xi keeps being nice while he's trying to be bad, and also how Lee Gun's "being bad" is really tame in comparison, as it's really just ignoring her (which is still bad) but then he feels super bad for doing it, mostly based on her reactions.

But trying to ignore and not like Xin Yi/Mi Young is like kicking against the pricks, since I guess it's fate and they are pretty much perfect for each other.

Not understanding why they are acting that way.

The standing up for her in front of the rich peeps.

Getting worried and jealous when she is hanging around Dylan/Daniel too much...

Acting like they don't like her, when they do, in fact, and getting as close as possible... yep.  They both do that.

The selca that they never delete and look at for forever (seriously, these men are so cute!)

Running after Xin Yi/Mi Young, basically putting her feelings before those of Anna/Se Ra.

But then it gets to be a bigger difference, mostly because of the age differences and the cultural differences.  Cun Xi and Xin Yi are torn apart because of the bitca, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of bad fate.  They are also brought back together by a whole lot of fate.  But Lee Gun deliberately pushes Mi Young away (because of his bad fate), and the bitca just throws in her two cents.  So Cun Xi is a clueless idiot and Lee Gun is a noble idiot.  This is expected because those Kdramas love them some noble idiocy.  It's the number one reason for break up.  They also love amnesia.  WHY!?!  WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE AMNESIA!!!!!!!!

But then them getting back together is a little more deliberate too.  He knew where she was, and was watching from afar... which is just so much cuter and equally as frustrating!

But there are some things that are just so Lee Gun that make me love him so much.  Such as his super energy and athletic abilities.

His amazing slow clap.  I will forever appreciate a well used slow clap.

His relationship with Mi Young's mother, aka Anchovy Roll Lady.

And just the fact that Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young are a pair of little goofy nerds together.  Aw.

And the part where he made us cry so much (and as I said, Lizabreff never cries at movies/shows, but she was bawling like a baby, which made me laugh and cry at the same time, but mostly cry because, for realsies, this man!)

Seriously, he's like my perfect man.  I need to meet me a Lee Gun... even with the hereditary disease, sign me up for one of those!

So, while there are plenty to love about both, and they are in very basic essentials almost the same man, I still have to vote for Lee Gun, maybe because I am way more into Oppas and Ahjussis these days, but mostly because Lee Gun is just perfect.  So much to love for both of them though.  Especially once Cun Xi stopped being a butt and acted cute like all the time instead of just some of the time.  Once he grew up a little, the resemblance became a lot clearer.  Sigh.  Now I want to watch both of these again, but mostly the Korean version because I can't get enough of that man... seriously.

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