Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some Kpop MVs that I Totally Know the Dance For

Sometimes you just watch a MV so many times that you can not only sing along with it, but dance along with it as well.  There are some that I literally have to jump up and dance if I can.  I guarantee I look nothing like them while doing their moves, but I totally have those moves down.

1. Sexy Free and Single- Super Junior

I could have picked Sorry Sorry for this, or many other SuJu dance MVs, but I already featured Sorry Sorry earlier, and this one is one of my faves.

Besides the obvious neck atrocities in fashion, and the fact that Heechul is in the army still for this, this song and dance just really get me moving.  The lyrics are a little silly... but that's just how I like them, and the dance is just fun to do and watch too.  Just take those horrible pleather just turtleneck crappy things off and everything would be just perfect.

2. Falling In Love- 2ne1

I think I love the funky little beat on this one.  It's just catchy and dancy.  Also I don't mind looking at Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jung Hyun... even if they look like they're at a photo shoot instead of playing basketball... but hey, they're not focused, they're being checked out by hot girls.  It's easier to pick up by watching the Dance Practice.

3. Smoky Girl- MBLAQ

This song made me actually give MBLAQ a chance, and that foot shuffle dance move = yes!  Talk about swoony dance moves.  Rawr.  Even my non-kpop-loving roommate agrees that this is fine dancing and makes her heart race a bit.

4. Lucifer- SHINee

If there is one thing I love about SHINee, it's their dancing.  I was sold by the part where they did that hand bobbing thing at the beginning.  It didn't take me too long of just watching this MV over and over before I could dance along... although no where as well as they look.  R.A.W.R.  Now I just have to decide whether I like Key for his face and voice better... or Taemin for his sick dancing skills...  It gets harder when watching their Dance Practice and seeing them really shine.  Wow.

5. Ayyy Girl- JYJ

I could have picked any of the JYJ MVs too, but I particularly like this one with the cranking/pumping arm move.  "Ayyy Girl..." I'm cranking my arm in circles.  Really the only movement similar to it is rolling down a car window manually.  I have to admit that this dance move has made it into my everyday dance moves.  I "roll down my sexy windows"(thank you EYK) every time I boogie to any song.  Especially when I've eaten a lot of sugar.

6. Heartbreaker- G-Dragon

I might also own those punctuation earrings he wears in this... Frustration dance time?  Ok, this is one of the best ones to dance to.  While some of these moves look super easy, they are not as easy as he makes them look... but then I probably don't have his talent either.  But those punchy type moves are very cathartic?  I just like G-Dragon so... enough said.

7. Taratellegra- Junsu

Or any Junsu MV.  That kid has a rubber torso.  I love his nasty dance moves.  Watch this MV and I guarantee that the naughtiest of the dance moves are probably the ones that I like that most.  Oh that sexy man.  Rawr.  I had a hard time choosing between this one and Incredible, especially since both have lame English raps, but I probably know the dance on this one better since I've had that much longer to watch this MV.  Dance version is definitely the best, although I don't mind watching him with his blond hair.  He rocks it.

8. Ringa Linga- Taeyang
I love both this song and the dance.  In fact I don't know if I like the MV or the Dance Performance better.  This song is awesome.  It's my pick me up song when I am depressed or frustrated, I just dance to this song.  And yes, I know all the dance moves.  I am probably half of the 21 million views of this video... ok that's a huge exaggeration.  But I have watched a hefty amount.

9. Unbreakable- Kim Hyun Joong (ft Jay Park)

I guess even with the whole scandal thing I still have to include this one because I can't deny that I know the dance for this one.  I love Jay Park.  I hate all the fake tattoos going on in this, especially the neck one, but the dancing is pretty fun to do.  Unbreakaboool... Unbreakabool... yeah, rip your shirt off... cuz that's cool?  Whatever.

10. Touch- Take One (Full House Take Two OST)

I guess this one is just a bonus since it's as OST from a drama about a fictional kpop band consisting of No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong.  This song just fails WINS on so many levels.  The bad English at the beginning, the shouty English in the chorus, the sweet dance moves (I like the "don't stop" line's arm cross and the "you can fly" wings).  I am constantly singing this song to my non-kpop-loving roommate to annoy show my love for her all day, every day.  She's my "sweet girl" and she needs to know how much she is loved.  It makes her so embarrassed laugh and be happy.  I might have been filmed by Lizabreff lip syncing and dancing to this as proof that I know all of this song.  No, I will not post that for you to see.

 I seem to pull a Footloose and angry dance a lot.  Well... if Kevin Bacon did it, it must work.  No better music to pick for that then Kpop.  What are some of your favorite Kpop Dance MVs?

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