Wednesday, January 8, 2014

98. My Queen 敗犬女王 (2009) Taiwanese

Cheryl Yang, Ethan Ruan,  James Wen, Harry Zhang

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A

I think this drama was handled really well, in the fact that it never made me super angry and the random drama that was thrown in never got so bad that we crowed too loudly.  Also, the fantastic leads made it so worth it.  Ethan Ruan made me love him inspite of everything that happened in Fated to Love You, but he was like the perfect man in My Queen.  It's like the noona romance to end all, with an age gap of eight years.  Shan Wu Shuang is a successful editor for iWatch magazine, and Lucas is a "part time pro" who will do basically anything.  They meet on bad terms, but he soon discovers her true self hidden under that touch exterior.  Even when the other peeps come in and try to mess things up, this couple is solid in the fact that they're honest and frank and talk about things.  Even when they are fighting they are honest.  That's something we don't see enough of.  Maybe Shan Wu Shuang likes to hide her feelings a little more, but considering her hurt past, that's typical.  Also there are plenty of other cool peeps to just tell it like it is.  Also, love her mom.  She's the best.

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