Wednesday, January 8, 2014

93. Prince William 威廉王子 (2014) Taiwanese

Xie Kun Da, Andrea Chen, Gu Bao Ming, Paul Hsu, An Wei Ling

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: B

I liked this one a lot.  It wasn't too long (only 14 episodes) and it never got too cray cray for no reason.  I mean, it was about a dude who was a bit cray cray so they had to bring in a doppelganger so he wouldn't lose his CEO position.  The hardest part about watching this was waiting for it to get subbed, but now that it's all completely subbed that is no problem.  I've loved Kun Da since the Inborn Pair days, where he and Puff Guo had a more compelling and rewarding love story line than the main two peeps (who took forever to express their feelings).  However this one was less about love than it was about being a good person and loving and forgiving peeps.  So William has a super tragic past involving being kidnapped by his own mom, etc, and so when he is kidnapped again it triggers his panic disorder and PTSD and all that.  However this is like the real deal, not the random PTSD that they tend to throw into dramas, it's like a major plot point.  His already obsessive personality (probably a coping mechanism for the PTSD) and crippling trust issues really made for a powerful plot.  Then you have enough comedy with a fishmonger pretending to be the CEO and falling in love with the little sister... yeah.  No kissing, and not the best necks, but I really enjoyed this one and liked the drama crap even.  It was very well handled and likable.  You don't just get one Kun Da lead man, you get two!  No love triangles!  Yay!

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