Wednesday, January 8, 2014

90. Angel Eyes 엔젤 아이즈 (2014) Korean

Ku Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Ji Suk, Seungri

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A

A drama designed just to make you cry.  The fate between this group of people in this town is crazy.  That aside, I think the drama itself was well written and that the people themselves at least acted like most people would... except Soo Wan (Ku Hye Sun).  She went a little annoying and cray cray.  I loved the mens in the show.  Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ji Suk are both hot men.  I wished their bromance hadn't been tainted by the woman... and that fate thing.  They could have been better closer friends (as seen from that what could have been episode part).  Sad day.  The sound track gets an A+ as does the amount of brooding shower scenes.  Also, Seungri steals the show as soon as the drama gets intense... well, he steals the show from the start.  He is so adorable, in face and character.

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