Wednesday, January 8, 2014

86. Autumn's Concerto 下一站, 幸福 (2009) Taiwanese

Vanness Wu, Ady An, Tiffany Hsu, Chris Wu, Xiao Xiao Bin

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A

This show is like crack.  Beautiful, messed up, dramatic crack.  It was so flippin dramatic, but I couldn't stop watching.  Vanness Wu is so hot, and played it so well too.  That is a large portion of it.  Xiao Xiao Bin is the other part of it.  That kid is too cute.  Also super good at acting.  I've never seen a child actor that I believed so completely.  He sold it and stole the show.  The show's worst point is that it drags out the drama for a bit too long with not quite enough pay back at the end.  It needed to have a whole episode of them being happy together, not a half one.  So much romantic/sexual tension though.  Rawr.  They meet at college, where he saves her from her d-bag step-step dad who basically is sexually harassing her, and then they get torn apart by his sticky-outty eared mom, who thinks that she can lie and arrange his life to fit her ideals.  That involves sending the girl away and lying to him after he has brain surgery.  Then pops in Xiao Le, who just wants to find his "alien dad" and helps bring them back together again.  But lying always leads to more drama, and this show has plenty of it, but despite all that, it's a glorious wonderful show that I couldn't stop watching and love despite all the crap it gave me.  The OST is amazing, especially this song by Della Ding.  They also did a really good job of aging people.  College student to super successful lawyer, little "lunch box" girl to mom, etc.

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