Wednesday, January 8, 2014

82. Bride of the Century 백년의 신부 (2014) Korean

Lee Hong Ki, Yang Jin Sung, Sung Hyuk, Jang Ah Young

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A+

Lee Hong Ki totally made this drama!  Unfortunately it suffered from some bad writing at the end, probably because they wanted it to be 20 episodes and it ended up 16.  Ouch, that's a badly rushed ending.  But the show itself was great.  Hong Ki being the jerk chaebol was awesome.  About time he played the leading man.  Rawr.  He was honestly so adorable.  So it's one of those doppelganger shows where the girl looks exactly like this other girl so she has to pretend to be her.  There is this curse on the family that the first wife of the  first son always dies on the wedding night, so the family of the fiancee has to get this doppelganger girl to take their daughter/sister's place as she ran away from the threat of death.  The two girls look exactly alike, and Hong Ki didn't even like/know his fiancee enough to notice them being switch, unless you count the fact that all the sudden he finds himself attracted to his fiancee when he never liked her before.  Their falling in love parts are so cute.  He's got some nice character development as you discover why he has locked his heart away at first, and why he falls in love with her.  There is the ghost of the curse element which makes it super interesting (until they have to rush the end to explain that part, oh well).  Also, I loved the way they handled the part where he finds out he's been lied to and that he's in love with the doppelganger and not his actual fiancee, that was refreshingly awesome.  Really, this show is great, and the ending isn't so bad, it was just so rushed that it was weird, because the very last episode is super draggy too.  Just the last two episodes are lame, and not so much that this show is bad.  It's actually still very good and Lee Hong Ki.  I love Lee Hong Ki.

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