Wednesday, January 8, 2014

75. Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire 불의 여신 정이 (2013) Korean

Moon Geun Young, Le Sang Yoon, Kim Bum, Lee Kwang Soo

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A

I watched this for you, Kwang Soo Oppa!!!!  I sat through all that boringness just to see you in Joseon attire (which admittedly was super hot) but this was so boring!  Also, I need to admit that although Kim Bum is super hot, I really don't like the dramas that he is typically in, so that needs to stop being a factor of choosing dramas.  This was just a really long drama that made me learn more about pottery than I wanted to.  One of those sageuk/dramas where they start off as kids so you don't even get to the peeps you want to see until like episode 6-8.  Then it's more about politics and birth secrets and less about romance and happiness.  In fact there is not one kiss in this since the leading couple are a woman artisan and a prince, so it's basically about a forbidden love, but it's more about the woman artisan and that sort of thing.  Really boring.  I seriously had to force myself to finish it, but oh well.  Even though Lee Sang Yoon is not at his best in Joseon clothing, he is at his best when eating, so the scene where she cooks for him and he eats so happily is awesome.  He's got some good dimples so happy eating is a plus.  Also, Kwang Soo's character was a jerkish idiot, but he is so good looking with facial hair and Joseon clothing.  Rawr.  That made it worth it again.  Also Kim Bum as a Joseon warrior = yes.  So the show was boring and the evilness/annoyingness of the villians was lame and stupid so the only things that made this show worth it was the eye candy.  Ok, probably not enough.  Just look at pictures of Kim Bum and Kwang Soo from this show and you'll be fine.  Nothing more is needed.

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