Wednesday, January 8, 2014

64. Switch Girl 1&2 スイッチガール!! (2011 & 2012) Japanese

Nishiuchi Mariya, Kiriyama Renn, Sakata Rikako, Jinnai Sho

Drama Rating: 2/10     Neck Score: A

I know there are two seasons here, and I watched them at two separate times... but they were close together, and the show is show short that I can just talk about it together.  I'm embarrassed to say I watched this, a bit, since it's a pretty gross show.  I don't just mean with the nasty fart humor etc when she is in her "off" mode, but in the fact that the whole show basically revolves around sex.  Seriously.  Especially the 2nd season.  Seriously the main plot arc was her wanting to have sex with him, since they were together, but then every bad guy wanted to rape them all, etc.  It was crazy.  So, a lot of sex humor, especially in the 2nd season, and also a lot of nasty humor, which I'm fine with, but this was excessive.  I mean really excessive.  But props to the show, it's pretty much exactly like the manga.  Exactly.  Also the dudes in it are pretty hot, but still.  It gives off a bit of nasty feel to it theme-wise.  It's all about sex.

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