Wednesday, January 8, 2014

62. Reply 1994 응답하라 1994 (2013) Korean

Go Ara, Jung Woo, Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Ho Jun, Baro, Min Do Hee

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A+

OPPA!!!!!!!  I told you I fell in love with Jung Woo Oppa.  Now I am forever in love with him.  He was so perfect as Sseureki Oppa.  Seriously.  This is like not a prequel to Reply 1997, just another story in the same world and same set up.  Actually around the 1997 years in the sequence we have cameos from the 1997 cast and it's wonderful.  This one is about a boarding house in Seoul ran by a family from Masan (with the same exact parents as 1997) and all their lodgers are from different country provinces with a series of different dialects.  The big question is who is the husband.  However, banking on the popularity of 1997, they expanded this one.  Instead of 16 45 min long episodes, there are now 21 hour+ long episodes.  This is probably the shows only downfall.  It gets draggy.  The writing is less tight and they drag it out and try to trick you for so long, even when we already know who we want it to be.  I think some of the episodes are almost 2 hours long and that's just too long, even if you love the show.  I struggled with that part, but still loved the show.  It was still delightful, nostalgic, and had a great soundtrack that included original songs in the 94 style as well as Seo Taiji and the Boys, the ones who made Kpop what it is today and started the Kpop craze.   Oppa!!!!!!!  Ok. That will never get old.  I love Oppa.  Just like 1997 the whole cast is gold and you love everyone.  Go Ara is awesome too.  I was super impressed with her and how into the part she got.  She continues to impress me in You're All Surrounded.  I like her too.

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