Wednesday, January 8, 2014

53. Love, Now 真愛趁現在 (2012) Taiwanese

George Hu, Annie Chen, Bobby Dou, Harry Chang, Vivi Lee

Drama Rating: 6.5/10     Neck Score: B

Because it was too hard to wait on both Just You and Love Around, I decided to watch this one.  It was daunting at first because there are like 75 episodes, but they are only 45 min each, so it is not so bad.  But man, George Hu and Annie Chen have some amazing chemistry.  They were so good in this one that Love Around was basically just banking off of their already established chemistry and popularity (not that it wasn't a good show on it's own too).  This one has the very basic set up that Annie is a workaholic who never takes breaks, so her boss/ex-boyfriend/brother figure and family trick her into thinking she has terminal cancer to get her to take a vacation.  But she happens to bump into George, who has been looking for her ever since their senior year of college when he fell in love with her on site.  Because he saves her from being hit by a car, and loses his suitcase in the process, she has to switch rooms and never sees the "just kidding" letter so continues on the vacation thinking she is going to die.  Then angel face George, who is already in love with her, swoops in to make her dreams come true and it gets really steamy in the first few episodes (like make out by episode 4).  But since it's all based on a lie, not hers but her families, then everything gets messed up and misunderstandings happen.  That's just the situation that sets it up, and since it's so long so much more happens.  It also tried to trick me later and I had to stop ellipticalling because I was so confused and crying at one point, but everything works out well and none of the crap lasts for too long, really.  It doesn't drag, it just keeps going for a long time, with all sorts of ups and downs.  Still, I might like this one more than Love Around, but that's hard to say, because I loved that one too.  Basically George Hu is hot.  The end.

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