Wednesday, January 8, 2014

52. Love Around 真愛黑白配 (2013) Taiwanese

George Hu, Annie Chen, Jack Li, Elleya Tao

Drama Rating: 7/10     Neck Score: A+

When I realized that Taiwanese dramas only go once a week and that I had to wait to watch more Just You, it prompted me to start watching this, which started around the same time.  George Hu is hot.  He has a sexy voice, face and when I read his bio, that only made him sexier.  He is like manly and cute/baby-faced at the same time while Aaron Yan is sexy and cute at the same time.  I mean George Hu looks so cute and baby faced but oozes sexy manliness at the same time.  HOW?  He plays the son of a former gangster in this one, and meets Annie Chen when she is dumped at his hotel when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her on his birthday.  Having just been recently dumped himself, he stands up for her and punches her boyfriend.  Then they become friends, helping heal each others pain.  They also figure out that she's the Radio DJ that he is constantly calling because of his ex-girlfriend.  He is the sweetest man in the world, but also super savvy because of his gangster background.  He protects her, and sneakily helps her when her radio station is in danger because of funds.  Then we have childhood friend and nerdy accountant played by Jack Li.  Love him.  What I like about the plot is that the romance is really realistic.  She over thinks everything, and everything is awkward.  They are friends who fall in love.  Nothing super formulaic or cheesy.  It does get a little hookie at the end when the family drama tries to ruin everything, but they both stay so cool that even the stupid noble idiocy thing doesn't work.  Loved it.

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